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About Son Serra de Marina

A quaint village of 500 tucked away on the northeastern coast of Spain's beautiful island of Mallorca, Son Serra de Marina has grown from the traditional weekend getaway destination for wealthy Mallorquins to a relaxed seaside paradise the whole world can enjoy. Whether visitors want to explore the local sights and sounds or use a cozy beachside vacation rental as a home base for exciting day-trips, Son Serra de Marina is a jewel that shouldn't be missed.

Beaches in Son Serra de Marina

When the village was first built in the 1950s, regulations insisted that buildings and amenities respect local traditions, including preventing men and women from swimming together. Couples will be relieved that such restrictions no longer apply, and that they are free to enjoy 400 yards of gorgeous local beachfront however they please. The beach also offers access to the fantastic surfing opportunities in the Bay of Alcúdia, and the village serves as one of the biggest hubs for surfing enthusiasts on the whole island.

Beachgoers looking for more sand and surf to enjoy can step out of their home away from home and walk westward along the coast to reach Son Real beach, or southeast to find Sa Canova beach. Both beaches boast large expanses of golden sands, shimmering blue-green waters, beautiful natural surroundings, and a unique sense of tranquility due to their relative obscure status amongst tourists, although parents should be aware that nudists and naturalists enjoy the beaches in the more secluded dunes.

Things to Do in Son Serra de Marina

The town itself offers plenty of delightful attractions, like visiting Club Nàutico Serranova for a drink and watching the boats bob in the western Mediterranean waters, walking the village streets and admiring the vintage 1950s architecture, and dining at the small village's many local restaurants. Small shops and stores let you bring fresh ingredients back to your rental and cook some local cuisine, or try and recreate old favorites.

In the town's center lies a cylindrical watchtower, which offers amazing panoramic views from the Cap de Ferrutx mountain peak to the southeast to the resort town of Alcúdia to the north.

Day Trips from Son Serra de Marina

Just three miles south of Son Serra de Marina lies Rancho Grande, where visitors can enjoy horseback riding and opportunities to see exotic animals like peacocks, monkeys, and more. Visitors seeking luxury can visit the nearby resort towns of C'an Picafort and Alcúdia to the north, with the former a brief walk along the beach and the latter a mere 13-mile drive away. To the south lies the town of Colonia de Saint Pere, another quaint seaside village with more local restaurants and attractions like tours of the town's ancient coastal walls.

Of course, any visit to the Balearic Islands wouldn't be complete without checking out the ancient Roman ruins: Mallorca's include the preserved city of Pollentia, scenic Santueri Castle, and the Necropolis of Son Real. Pollentia and the Necropolis lie just south of Alcúdia, 13 miles to the north, while Santueri Castle is about an hour to the south. The plateau castle is only an hour east from the island's capital of Palma, so any trip to the south of the island should be a busy one. 

Son Serra de Marina offers the rare opportunity to explore an isolated, unique part of the world while enjoying incredible natural beauty and a calm, pleasing atmosphere at the same time. Any travelers looking for a relaxing vacation, or at least a relaxing home base to come home to after a long day of exploring and surfing, would do well to consider a vacation rental in this small Mallorcan town.

Photo Credit: Guillem Femenias