Canary Islands Vacation Rentals and Villas

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About Canary Islands
Beautiful beaches, dramatic mountains, lush forests, barren lava fields, bustling resorts, and seaside villages - welcome to the Canary Islands, Spain's magical archipelago where you can find any experience you're looking for!

Enjoy a vacation full of mountain treks, camel rides, exploring forests and waterfalls, scuba diving, surfing near rolling dunes, feasting on delicious food and wine, and experiencing one of the world's largest carnival celebrations - it's all possible with one of our Canary Islands vacation rentals!

Where are the Canary Islands?

Located off the west coast of Morocco, the Canary Islands are some of Spain's farthest-reaching territories, and also the southernmost point of Europe. There are seven major islands in two provinces, the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the province of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, that make up this archipelago - each one offers something different in terms of scenery and feel, so make a point of checking out at as many as you can to decide for yourself which one is the best!

Islands of the Canary Islands

Gran Canaria has stunning beaches and central mountains with forested peaks. The bustling city of Las Palmas also makes it the highest populated island, featuring a mainland Spanish feel with influences of African, Chinese, and Indian cultures. On the other end of the spectrum is El Hierro, the smallest and calmest of the islands, where you will enjoy food, wine, exotic fruits, and the charming locals who call this paradise home.

On the unmistakably gorgeous island of Tenerife, the towering presence of El Teide serves as a stark contrast to the surrounding lava fields and flatlands. There are both rocky beaches and ones with golden sand on this island. Fuerteventura is the most popular island for kiteboarding, surfing, and windsurfing, with its steady winds and beaches featuring rolling sand dunes.

La Palma is the place to go for a jungle trek - it houses a large national park named Caldera de Taburiente, a lush expanse filled with streams, rivers, and waterfalls. La Gomera, the second smallest island, also features forests to explore, with a national park of its own.

Lanzarote, the final island of the bunch, is known for its vulcan black beaches and unique architecture. It is the former home of the surrealist artist, César Manrique, who constructed a curious home beneath the colorful lava flow - definitely worth a visit! If you are here between the months of September and April, check out the jazz and blues concerts that are held in Cueva de los Verdes for a unique experience!

Attractions in the Canary Islands

Every year in February, the town of Santa Cruz on Tenerife sees an extravagant crowd gather for a lengthy Carnival celebration. For three weeks, a quarter of a million people come to celebrate, finishing with a 24-hour party on Fat Tuesday. Plan your trip to coincide with this party and join in the festivities!

On La Palma, Villa de Mazo hosts a farmers market every weekend, where you can go to buy produce, handicrafts, and textiles. Buy fresh ingredients to cook with the flavor of the islands in your vacation rental, or buy some souvenirs to take home. Of course, the biggest appeal of a market in a foreign place is just immersing in the culture, tasting delicious food, and savoring exotic scents!

Scuba diving in these vibrant tropical waters is some of the best in the world. There are marine reserves off the coasts of El Hierro, La Palma, and La Graciosa next to Lanzarote. You'll have the chance to see over 350 species of fish, lava caves, and cool shipwrecks that appear like ghosts on the ocean floor.

For a unique experience unlike any vacation you've had before, our Canary Island vacation rentals offer a great way to explore the diverse activities and landscapes while living in comfort. With a stay in one of our vacation rentals, you can cross sightseeing items off your bucket list and relax on pristine sandy beaches under the tropical sun all in the same day!

Photo Credit: Jose Maria Cuellar via Flickr