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About Granadilla de Abona

Tucked away in the south of Tenerife, Granadilla de Abona is a lovely low-key town ideal for visitors to the Canary Islands looking to sample a little bit of everything. That's not to say that the city is lacking on its own merits - far from it. Between the rich history of the area and a surprising variety of shops and restaurants, you're sure to have a great time in town. The city is also close enough to the island's other sights and sounds that you can treat yourself to a true Canary Island experience in one of our lovely vacation rentals. 

History, Culture, and Activities in Granadilla de Abona

The capital city, Granadilla, boasts something of a unique history. It was the last region on Tenerife to hold out against the Spanish conquest, and as such has a unique blend of Canarian and Spanish culture and architecture. Head to the Museo de Historía de Granadilla de Abona to learn more about the city's past, and admire the majestic Iglesia de San Antonio de Padua, along with the other older buildings at the center of town, which will make you feel immersed in the history firsthand.

If you'd prefer more modern comforts, just head from your vacation rental to one of the many bustling streets on the south side of town. Restaurants like the upscale Tasca Tierras del Sur and bars like the trendy Arepera ´82 await you, along with shopping at boutiques like Ledesma.

Natural Beauty in the Municipality

The attractions outside of town are just as incredible as those that await within it! Montaña Pelada, for example, offers gorgeous mountainous landscapes to admire, as well as stunning ocean views from Punta de la Pelada to the south. It's just seven miles to the south, and only a short distance from the fresh ocean air and scenic views of Arenas del Mar.

Just to the north of Montaña Pelada is Los Derriscaderos National Park, a sprawling stretch of canyons and crags just waiting for you to explore. Nature and culture come together in the Caves of Santo Hermano Pedro, the quaint, historic home of the island's patron saint, Pedro de San José Betancur, built right into a nearby cave.

Best of all, your fun is not limited by the time of day - the municipality of Granadilla was among the first to be declared a Starlight Tourist Destination, meaning the region is one of the best in the world for simply relaxing outdoors and admiring the shining lights above.

Day Trips from Granadilla de Abona

If you're willing to go a little out of your way, you can easily enjoy even more natural beauty - just head north! The towering heights of Mount Teide await you a mere 30 miles away, as does the dense foliage and swaying trees of the adjacent Corona Forestal Natural Park.

Meanwhile, the soft sands and gentle waves of the beaches await in the south. The resort town of Palm-Mar is great if you're in need of some pampering, as is the bustling Los Cristianos.

If you're up for more adventurous activities, however, you owe it to yourself to visit Playa de la Américas. On top of the beach, the town offers wet and wild fun at water parks like Aqualand and Slam Park, and a nightlife filled with dancing, bars, gourmet cuisine, and even theater. Whichever of the three beach towns you choose to visit, you'll be less than 15 miles from a night of stargazing - or restful sleep in your vacation rental - back in Granadilla.

Photo Credit: Carlos Lopez via Flickr