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About Los Realejos

The gorgeous Spanish island of Tenerife has something for every traveler; between the family-friendly port town of Los Cristianos, the nightlife of Playa de Las Americas, and the hustle and bustle of the island's capital city of Santa Cruz, there's plenty to see and explore. But nothing quite matches the combination of natural beauty, heart-pounding thrills, and amazing sights and sounds of the town of Los Realejos. A historic city of 38,000, a wide variety of unforgettable experiences await, from dining and hiking to extreme sports!

Exploring the Streets of Los Realejos

Los Realejos is a thoroughly modern city, with plenty of restaurants to explore and easy access to public transportation from whichever home you choose. However, it also boasts a long and fascinating history, one which defines the town's two main districts. Separated by the deepwater gully, or Barranco, the higher elevation part of town (Realejo Alta) was occupied by the indigenous Guanches during the Spanish conquest, while the lower part of town (Realejo Bajo) was occupied by the Spanish. Each part of town has its own unique sights to experience, including their own unique Baroque churches (the 15th century Church of Santíago and the Church of La Concepción). Los Realejos also throws fantastic, world-famous festivals, so check your calendar and time your visit with a party you won't soon forget!

Natural Beauty in Los Realejos

The main appeal of Los Realejos is its steep, varied mountainous and coastal geography, both of which share a climate that's ideal for relaxed natural appreciation and extreme sports alike. Clubs throughout the town help guests make the most of these gorgeous surroundings, with windsurfing opportunities at Playa El Socorro, soaring through the air on a paraglider, and more!

Perhaps the most famous extreme sports challenge is traversing the steep, rocky trails along Route 0-4-0. Fifty-eight kilometers of mountainous terrain have attracted trail runners from far and wide, and those with enough courage and training can even enjoy the slopes of Teide, the third-tallest volcano on the entire planet!

Day Trips from Los Realejos

The small size of Tenerife makes traveling to other cities fairly easy from Los Realejos, from the relaxing, low-key beach town of Palm-Mar to the west to the rocky shores of Fasnia to the east, but with so many natural wonders close at hand, you don't need to go nearly as far from Los Realejos to have some fun! Enjoy the crashing waves, soft sands, and rocky features of beaches like Playa de la Fajana, or take in the ocean from afar at scenic viewpoints like the tower of Rambla de Castro. Spot plants and animals unique to the Canary Islands at Teide National Park to the south, or take a relaxing hike through the nearby Corona Forestal National Park. On your way back to your vacation home, stop at nearby towns like La Orotova and Puerto de la Cruz, where you can enjoy more historic buildings and local dishes at nearby restaurants.

Los Realejos has that perfect combination of stunning coastal and mountain beauty, historic surroundings, and a great local culture and history that any stop on your vacation to the Canary Islands needs. Whether you're staying at a home right in town or visiting from somewhere close by, be sure to give Los Realejos - and the nature that surrounds it - a nice, long visit!

Photo Credit: Blogo.it via Flickr