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About San Miguel de Abona

Once a part of the Guanche Kingdom of Abona, San Miguel de Abona is now one of Tenerife's most charming, picturesque towns. Visitors to Spain's incredible Canary Islands who are in search of a mellow, yet beautiful home base would do well to consider this quaint, historic town, which offers a wide variety of great activities to experience and places to explore.

Things to Do in San Miguel de Abona

Being an older town, it comes as no surprise that San Miguel de Abona's old quarter is full of incredible historical sights - enough to be declared an official Spanish Asset of Cultural Interest. Visit the Parish Mother Church of San Miguel Arcángel, whose storied architecture is well over two centuries old, or take a tour of the famous El Capitán Museum House. The Municipal Library has the distinction of housing the town's first town hall, while the Casa Azul (Blue House) serves as the town hall today. Of course, you can always just walk the charming streets of San Miguel de Abona and enjoy shopping and local cuisine along the way!

Golfing and Lifestyle in San Miguel de Abona 

Just a few miles away from San Miguel de Abona lies one of the best opportunities for golfing on the entire island of Tenerife. Golf del Sur is a top-notch, 27-hole championship course lined with vivid local flowers, palm trees, and amazing ocean views that epitomize its incredible Canary Island location. After golfing, you can take in some of the resort's other attractions, such as the clubhouse, a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and international dining options, as well as the neighborhood of San Blas.

San Blas alone offers even more dining options thanks to its towering shopping center, which hosts multiple levels of restaurants, bars, and more in addition to its various shopping outlets. The town also boasts its own nightclub, with regular performances by local DJs. The upscale golf resort and adjoining town make for a great change of pace!

Natural Areas in San Miguel de Abona

Beautiful island scenery surrounds you in San Miguel de Abona, with Costa San Miguel six miles to the south and the municipality's marina just two miles farther. The marina offers many opportunities for ocean exploration, with watersports, scuba diving, and even submarine rides to marvel at the amazing marine wildlife! Costa San Miguel, meanwhile, offers a wide variety of trails winding through the island's stunning landscape, perfect for guests looking to take some walks on their vacation.

The San Blas Environmental Reserve provides incredible insight into both the natural and human history of the island, with tours guided by experts from multiple disciplines. Nearby Montaña Amarilla is a towering mountain and a protected natural area with a stunning confluence of views overlooking sandy shores and the rhythmic waves crashing against dramatic cliffsides. A 16-mile drive north will bring you to Parque de Nacional, which offers a variety of hikes around and to the top of towering Pico del Teide.

Day Trips from San Miguel de Abona

If you enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of San Miguel de Abona but long for some fresh ocean air, Los Abrigos is just 11 miles away. A charming fishing village, Los Abrigos offers easy access to Golf del Sur and San Blas, amazing views of the boats bobbing in the harbor, and plenty of opportunities for romance. Spend some time with your special someone exploring the nearby cove's rock pools and sunbathing on volcanic sand, then end the day with an intimate dinner at one of the town's restaurants while you watch a stunning sunset!

Meanwhile, a trio of incredible beach towns to the east make for even more day trips! 12 miles away you'll find the soft, white sands of Palm-Mar with gentle waves crashing against the shore, while the bustling harbor and beaches of Los Cristianos, are reachable with just an 11-mile drive. Finally, 14 miles eastward, the amazing nightlife and beachfront of Playa de Las Américas will fuel your soul with dining, dancing, theatre, and more!

With its fascinating history, mellow atmosphere, and easy access to unforgettable experiences and attractions, this Canary Islands destination is easy to recommend. Whatever you do, you'll be sure to love your time in San Miguel de Abona and wishing to return before you even leave!

Photo Credit: Jan Kraus via Flickr