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About Agullana

The pastoral village of Agullana in Catalonia may not be large, but there’s a reason travelers love to vacation here. Once known as the center of production for the majority of wine corks, Agullana is now home to beautiful forests, excellent food and wine, and plenty of local history and culture.

Where is Agullana?

This town inhabits the region of Catalonia, one of the most culturally rich parts of Spain. It’s not uncommon for inhabitants to speak Catalan along with (or perhaps instead of) Spanish. Within Catalonia, there are four provinces (including Barcelona), and Agullana is a part of the Girona province.

Things to do in Agullana

A tiny town with few activities, Agullana is ideal for anyone wanting to simply relax, sample fresh cuisine, and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings. Biking and hiking are the main activities of choice here. Wine, olives, and traditional stews abound in Agullana, and if you’re tired of cooking at your vacation rental, you can always try a local cafe or restaurant. If you’re visiting Catalonia for the famously beautiful coast, there are beaches just 25 miles or so from town - an easy day trip.

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Photo Credit: Jofre Ferrer via Flickr