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About Estación Central
Sometimes you're looking for some calm and quiet. Other times, you crave the hustle and bustle of a city - urban walks past gorgeous old buildings, hopping clubs, and fantastic shopping. If you're in the mood for the latter, come experience Chile's capital, Santiago, and stay in one of our Estación Central vacation rentals. Designed by Gustave Eiffel, the railway station from which the commune takes its name was declared a National Monument by the government and remains one of Santiago's most recognizable creations. Stay here and you won't have to worry about getting lost, as everyone will be able to point you in the right direction!

Where is Estación Central?

The commune now known as Estación Central used to be known as Chuchunco ("Where water was lost") but changed its name to reflect the presence of the Central Railroad Station. Located on the banks of the Alameda River, the station is an important hub for transit within the city. Even more important, ever since the closure of Estación Mapocho, it is the city's only railway station from which passenger trains run to all of southern Chile.

Situated in the center of Santiago, Estación Central is surrounded by fascinating places to explore. To the north is Quinta Normal, with its huge urban park and railroad museum. In the east is Santiago, where you can find the immense Theater Caupolican. Cerrillos is south and is largely industrial, but well worth a visit for the National Aeronautical and Space Museum. Pudahuel, which houses the Noviciado Valley's agriculture and tourism, as well as the scenic mountains of Cordillera de la Costa, is to the west.

Attractions in Estación Central

Towards the north of the area is the University of Santiago, Chile. The school is ranked as the country's fourth university and has both historical and recent buildings, as well as plenty of green spaces to spread out a blanket for a picnic when you want a home-prepared meal outside of your vacation rental.

There's plenty of shopping in the area. Visit Mall Plaza Alameda or Arauco Estación Walk for some new clothes or jewelry. If you're looking for great prices try the neighborhood of Barrio Meiggs, or check out local wares at the Parque Portales Farmers Market. You might even find something to inspire your cooking later on!

Places to Visit in Chile

Take your time to explore Santiago, but make sure to experience other Chilean cities as well. Valparaiso, a bustling coastal city75 miles to the northwest, boasts sights like historic Old Town, with the city's signature brightly colored houses, and Villa Victoria, a restored Victorian home with costumed tour guides.

Near Valparaiso is the coastal resort town of Viña del Mar, where you can find plenty of beachside fun and outdoor sports or focus on cultural activities at sites like the Quinta Vergara Amphitheater. Between the fantastic nightlife, gorgeous parks and fountains, and delicious food, it's worth spending at least a week in Viña del Mar.

See Santiago, but don't let yourself be carried along by the rush of the city. Retire home at night to your Estación Central vacation rental and enjoy your little oasis in this fascinating area.

Photo Credit: Ignacio Olmedo Godoy via Flickr