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About Pucón

Adventure, adrenaline, and spectacular natural scenery come together in Pucón, a mecca for summer and winter sports enthusiasts in Chile's scenic southern region of La Araucanía. Nestled on the shores of Lake Villarrica in the shadow of the snow-capped Villarrica volcano, Pucón beckons climbers, skiers, snowboarders, and thrill-seekers to its stunning landscapes in every season - a high-octane experience made all the more memorable with a stay in one of our Pucón vacation rentals.

Where is Pucón?

Perched on the eastern shores of Lake Villarrica, Pucón is 11 miles north of Villarrica's 9,338-foot volcanic summit, creating a dramatic backdrop for this city of roughly 21,000 residents. Pucón can be reached by car, bus, or air (in the summer) from the capital city of Santiago 490 miles north, or by a quick drive from La Araucanía International Airport in Temuco, which sits only 53 miles northwest.

Summer Activities in Pucón

The season of summer (December through February in the southern hemisphere) is when Pucón reaches its peak for visitors, who come to hike, climb, ride horses, fish, kayak, and skydive. With a solid tourism infrastructure and dozens of experienced guides and agencies, Pucón offers activities for adventurers of every skill level.

Begin your visit in Villarrica National Park, where you can make a guided ascent of the ever-present volcano or explore more than 138,000 acres of volcanic caves, forests of araucarias and lenga, and natural habitats of pumas, foxes, and other wildlife. To the east, the mountainous Huerquehue National Park is home to crystal clear lakes, lagoons, and even a few majestic condors.

After a day of hiking, climbing, and canyoning, retreat to Pucón's beautiful black sand beach or spend an afternoon on the shores of Lago Caburga or Lago Tinquilco just 17 miles north. Our Pucón vacation rentals also offer nearby access to rafting and kayaking on the Trancura River, a wonderful spot for relaxing Class III experiences and more treacherous Class V rapids. 

Winter Activities in Pucón

The winter months are equally special in Pucón, when travelers come to ski, snowboard, and relax in thermal baths surrounded by snow. Just 10 miles south of town is Ski Center Pucón, where you'll find nine lifts, 20 different trails, and an international ski and snowboard school on the slopes of the Villarrica volcano. 

Although you can visit Pucón's many natural hot springs at any time of year, they are particularly beautiful and soothing in the cool winter months. Among the most renowned thermal baths are the gorgeous Termas Geometricas, which include 17 slate pools in Villarrica National Park, and the Termas Los Pozones, which sit alongside the Liucura River.

Our Pucón vacation rentals will help you discover the countless natural wonders of Chile  - reserve your unforgettable South American adventure today!
Photo Credit: Romano via Flickr