San Juan de la Costa Vacation Rentals

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About San Juan de la Costa

Chile's southern reaches are mostly famous for stunning freshwater beauty in vast lakes, and rightly so - the Los Lagos region features some of the most breathtaking natural beauty in the country. But you shouldn't neglect the other wonders awaiting miles westward of the lakes in San Juan de la Costa! Between spacious beaches, sprawling national parks, and charming small towns, you're sure to find something special for everyone when you stay in one of our San Juan de la Costa vacation rentals.

Towns of San Juan de la Costa

With a population of less than 9,000, most of San Juan de la Costa's towns are small, quiet, and peaceful - perfect for a relaxing getaway! From the sandy shores of Bahía Mansa and Playa Tril Tril in the west to the fresh food and rushing river waters of Pucatrihue to the north, every town near San Juan de la Costa has something that makes it unique.

You're not limited to towns in San Juan de la Costa, however - its proximity to Los Lagos gives you plenty of options for day-trips, whether it's to the bustling streets of Osorno or the riverside beauty of Valdivia.

Natural Wonders in San Juan de la Costa

Of course, the main reason to visit San Juan de la Costa is the unparalleled beauty of its beaches and parks. Odds are most of the coastal towns you'll visit will have a lovely slice of beachfront to explore, but if you'd like a guaranteed good time by the sea as a day trip, head to the crescent-shaped beach of Maicolpue, or Caleta Manzano's sands and surf bordered by towering cliffs.

The crown jewel of the region's natural beauty, however, has to be the breathtaking sights of Mapu Lahual, a network of indigenous parks that preserve lush forests and endangered animals like the famous Condor. It's well worth the trip into the neighboring Osorno province!

Take a look at our selection of San Juan de la Costa vacation homes and prepare for a vacation you'll never forget.

Photo Credit: via Flickr