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About Pichilemu

If you're looking for natural beauty on your next vacation but can't decide between the peacefulness of the forest or the fun of the beach, we have good news - you don't have to choose! The town of Pichilemu provides a way to experience the stunning scenery of Chilean forests and beaches, while taking in a rich local heritage of the O'Higgins Region that's sure to leave an impression. Stay in one of our vacation rentals for the full Pichilemu experience!

Where is Pichilemu, Chile?

This coastal city and commune, sitting 130 miles southwest of Chile's vibrant capital, Santiago, provides the perfect intersection between Chile's lush forests and gorgeous beaches. The Municipal Forest offers a footpath that takes you alongside swaying palm trees, pines, and other native plants, while the northeastern side of town features several lagoons that exhibit a whole new ecosystem as you head out toward the coast. 

Sandy beaches like Infiernillo, La Puntilla, and Punta de Lobos await you on the coast, with scenic dunes and cliffs to admire. But the real secret to Pichilemu's success is the wind and its consistent, year-round waves - surfers and windsurfers alike journey from far and wide to experience this town, famed the Chilean capital of surfing.

Things to Do in Pichilemu

Didn't bring your board on vacation with you? No problem - Pichilemu has more than enough culture to keep you occupied during your stay. The town's gastronomy is on full display in the restaurants and cafés lining Millaco Road. At the intersection of Avenida Comercio, you'll find even more restaurants, alongside a nice smattering of shops for picking up souvenirs.

There's more than shops and restaurants waiting for you if you time your visit right. Pichilemu keeps much of its heritage alive despite being such a popular resort town. Historic architecture like the Augustín Ross Cultural Centre is available year-round, but special seasonal festivals await those who visit in spring and fall. The National Exhibition of Cueca - a Chilean folk dance - occurs every April, while the San Andrés Apóstol religious festival happens every November.

Learn more about the amazing experiences awaiting in Pichilemu. Check out our vacation rentals today!

Photo Credit: Raul Urzua via Flickr