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About Iquique

With beautiful beaches, tax-free shopping, and a scenic historic district, the city of Iquique offers an exciting getaway on the northern coast of Chile. Picturesque natural sights abound in the surrounding area outside the city, from the Atacama Desert to the west to scenic lagoons at Isluga Volcano National Park to the north. 

Where is Iquique?

Located in the northern reaches of the country about 1000 miles from Santiago, it's just over a two-hour flight to reach the Diego Aracena International Airport plus a 24-mile drive north to Iquique. Sitting on the coast in the central Tarapacá Region, this is a great home base if you're visiting neighboring countries, as the border of Peru is just 200 miles north and the Bolivian border is only 150 miles northeast. Stay at one of our Iquique vacation rentals and experience this amazing urban city on the northern coast.

Things to Do in Iquique 

As the capital of one of Chile's first colonized regions, centuries of history combine with a stunning landscape to make Iquique an unforgettable destination. Enjoy shopping at the tax-free port area, lounge on the beach, visit seafront casinos, and much more!

Iquique's history dates back to the 16th century, however it was originally a Peruvian territory with a high population of Chileans. After the War of the Pacific in the late 19th century, it became a Chilean city. Today, you'll find plenty of neoclassical architecture from the 19th century throughout downtown, plus historic sites like the Astoreca Palace, Spanish Casino, and the Iquique Cathedral. 

Water sports and beachside activities are a must for any Iquique visitor, whether it's simply relaxing on one of several beaches or embarking on a diving or deep-sea fishing trip. Up in the nearby hills of Cerro Dragon, there's also paragliding and sand boarding for the thrill seekers in your group.

Plan a visit to the Duty-Free port area, which is a trading spot with unique, tax-free finds from all over the world. From southeast Asia to Central America, discover global products of all kinds to suit any shopper. After a day at the market, plan a fun evening enjoying Iquique's bustling nightlife scene, filled with Bohemian bars and delicious local restaurants. 

Day Trips near Iquique

While there are plenty of outdoor activities to choose from in the city, the surrounding area offers amazing scenery and recreation. Visit nearby beach destinations like Cavancha, or head into the desert to learn more about the area's mining history involving saltpeter. There's also historic geoglyphs, petroglyphs, and cave paintings to explore.  

In the nearby rural villages, you can also discover more about the indigenous peoples of Chile, including the Aymara and Atacameñas communities. For amazing natural sights, Isluga Volcano National Park is only about 100 miles northwest of the city. Here, you'll find a scenic volcano with a high summit, surrounded by wide plains with cool geysers, lagoons, and rivers. 

Plan your coastal Chilean getaway today and stay in one of our convenient Iquique vacation rentals! 

Photo Credit: Francisco Javier via Flickr