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About Algarrobo

Nestled on the western coast of Chilé, the seaside destination of Algarrobo offers a beach scene that includes everything from deep sea fishing adventures to an assortment of water activities for everyone to enjoy. Showcasing an ideal location to indulge in everything the beach and crystal clear waters have to offer, fun and relaxation will always be close at hand. 

Whether you're coming to start your solo adventure by the beach, unwind from the daily grind with your family, or maybe enjoy a group getaway with friends, our vacation rentals in charming Algarrobo is the perfect spot to visit!

Where is Algarrobo, Chilé?

Nearly in the middle of the long and picturesque Chilean seaside, Algarrobo is just about 70 miles east of the capital city of Santiago, offering an easy destination to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. A quick 55-mile drive north puts you on the picturesque beaches of Viña del Mar to surround yourself with the pristine oceanside, an exciting nightlife, and a plethora of outdoor activities to dive into. 

Things to Do in Algarrobo

As the sun stretches high into the clear blue sky, grab your beach gear and make the quick walk to the popular sands of Playa El Canelillo. A local favorite, this spot has a small surf which allows you to get out on the water without having to deal with too much of a current or a big break to interfere with paddleboarding, swimming, and enjoying the cool ocean. 

A great excursion for families of all sizes and ages is a trip to Penguin Island. If the timing is right and the penguins are still calling the island home for the season, you can hop on a cruise with expert guides to take you there. Listen to the knowledgeable guides as they highlight the nuances and habits of the famous penguins and learn about what you can do to help save their environment. 

Known as the "Nautical Capital of Chile", Algarrobo is a great place to book a spot on a sailing adventure to take off into the deep blue sea. Try to land one of the famous trophy fish, or set yourself up with an experienced diver to see the beauty of the underwater marine life with a waterproof camera and all the right snorkeling gear. 

Strap on your helmet, adjust your goggles and take off for an adrenaline-pumping ATV tour through the wilderness. Cross the small streams and weave around the rocks as you make your way into the lush jungles along the oceanside. If you're looking for something a bit calmer, reserve your spot on a sunset beach horseback ride splashing through the waves. Be sure to snap a few photos of you and your special someone so you can remember the magical moment forever.

Fun-Filled Day Trips Near Algarrobo

Wake up early and get you group together to go tour the famous Chilean capital, Santiago. As the largest city in Chilé, Santiago is laden with rich historical sites, stunning architecture, and welcoming culture. Grab lunch at a local vendor and wander through Parque Forestal, or visit one of the world-renown vineyards that surround the city with lush vines and award-winning wines. 

Head up to Valparaíso and jump on a biking tour of the local vineyards before you head down to the beach to watch the sea turtles make their way onto the sands to make their nests. If your vacation is during the right times, you might be able to watch the newborns hatch and navigate their way to the waiting waves. 

No matter what time of year or season you come to visit, Algarrobo is filled to the brim with exciting adventures and once-in-a-lifetime excursions that will appeal to all travelers. Spend your days soaking up the sun and melting the stress away, while at night you can delve into the vibrant nightlife as you watch the city light up. Stay in one of our vacation rentals for unparalleled comfort on your trip to Algarrobo!
Photo Credit: Angelo Oportus via Flickr