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About Burnt Ranch

Our Burnt Ranch vacation rentals are located in the mountains surrounding the Trinity River Valley. Adding mystery to the beauty of California’s Redwood Coast, Burnt Ranch is, perhaps, most famous for Bigfoot sightings. In fact, famous film footage of the legendary creature was captured just north of Burnt Ranch in Willow Grove. Today, you’ll find Bigfoot festivals, statues, and even a museum dedicated to the beast.

If Sasquatch really were looking for a place to get away from civilization, Burnt Ranch would be the ideal retreat. One of the most remote areas in Northwest California, grocery stores and cell signals are rare. But, the handful of year-round residents will tell you that opportunities to get out and enjoy nature are plentiful.

While you’re lodging in one of our Burnt Ranch vacation rentals, hit the hiking trails in the Trinity Alps Wilderness. Go rock climbing at Trinity Aretes, Castle Rock, or So So Grotto. And, of course, there’s kayaking, fishing, and whitewater rafting on Trinity River. So, whether you’re a Bigfoot buff or an outdoors enthusiast, you’ll find our Burnt Ranch vacation rentals are a welcome retreat on the Redwood Coast.