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About Ferndale

Rugged natural beauty meets old-world elegance in the Victorian village of Ferndale, California. Alternately known as the Gateway to the Lost Coast and the City of a Thousand Victorians, our Ferndale vacation rentals give you access to it all.

“A thousand Victorians” is a bit of an overstatement, but you certainly can spend an enjoyable afternoon admiring the well-preserved Victorian architecture in the Ferndale Main Street Historic District and Fern Cottage Historic District. The City of Ferndale itself is registered as a State Historic Landmark, and even its historic cemetery is one of the most photographed in California. You’ll also appreciate the Victorian-esque touches in the decor of several of our Ferndale vacation rentals.

After you’ve taken in the sites of historic Ferndale, take a scenic drive through California’s rugged and remote Lost Coast. On the southwestern edge of town, you’ll find an aging metal sign pointing toward Capetown + Petrolia. What looks like a nondescript country lane is actually the starting point for the 28-mile Mattole Road, known to locals as The Wildcat. Before you head out, fill your gas tank and stock up on snacks; you won’t find a gas station or restaurant for a very long time. What you will find are alpine forests, verdant pasturelands, and miles of undisturbed coastline. Be prepared for a bumpy ride, as Mattole Road itself is rather rugged; it is called the Lost Coast, after all.

Before returning home to your Ferndale vacation rental after a visit to Centerville Beach, the Mendocino Lighthouse, or Fleener Creek Trail, drop in to The Palace Saloon. Enjoy a cold beer, or play a round of pool with the local cowboys. Loaded with character, this Ferndale landmark claims the distinction of being the farthest westernly bar in the continental United States.