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About Almont

Surrounded by the towering pines trees of the Gunnison National Forest, Almont, CO beckons all outdoor lovers to come and delve into an expansive array of outdoor activities. From hiking and fishing to river rafting and skiing, you'll never be far from fun and making memories!

Nestled in Taylor Canyon, this beautiful city in Colorado is surrounded by a stunning landscape that evolves with every changing season. Whether you're cuddling by the fire watching the snow fall in your vacation rental or soaking in the sun on your private deck after a day on the river, Almont is the perfect spot to bask in the great outdoors. 

Where is Almont, CO?

Set right where the East River collides with Taylor River, Almont, CO immerses you in the bounty of mother nature and puts endless possibilities for hiking, biking, fishing, and adventure at your fingertips. 17 miles south of rustic and tranquil Crested Butte, and 10 miles north of the charming town of Gunnison, Almont offers travelers the peace of the mountains while enjoying easy access to day trips and local attractions nearby.

Outdoor Adventures in Almont

A haven for everything outdoors, Almont makes it easy to get out and about. No trip to Almont would be complete without the spray of white water washing over you and your crew when you book a trip down the Taylor River. Luckily, Three Rivers Outfitting makes it easy, with an adventure package to suit everyone's needs. Navigate the rapids and take in the beauty on the slow-moving sections as your trip takes you down the tree-lined river. 

Wake up in your vacation rental with a robust cup of coffee and grab your gear to find the perfect spot along the river to catch the big one. Try your luck hiking along East River, or hook up with a guide from Gunnison Fish and Raft to learn from an experienced local expert. Promoting catch and release on all of their excursions, they'll be happy to take a picture and document your trout trophy. 

Almont is also a great home base for hunters to stay close to public lands, offering the perfect accommodations during hunting season in the fall. You'll find all manner of wildlife among the stunning natural beauty that calls this area of Colorado home. 

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is an ideal spot for advanced climbers, offering adrenaline-pumping, sheer rock walls, With a mingling of steep walls, narrow openings, and great starting depths, Black Canyon brings together all of the elements needed for a great climb. Just six miles up Taylor Canyon, Harmels is easy to climb and close to the road - more suited for beginner climbers who are looking for a little bit of adventure!

Satisfy your inner speed demon by cutting through the rough on an ATV, or weaving through the winter-kissed wilderness on a snowmobile - no matter if the weather is warm or snow blankets the ground, Colorado Adventure Rentals has the heart-pumping toys you'll need to forge your own path.

Day Trips From Almont

If there are skiers and snowboarders in your group, Crested Butte Mountain Resort offers everyone in the group a chance to take advantage of a wide array of snow-inspired fun. Make the quick 20-mile drive to delve into everything from traversing down cat tracks and expert downhill runs, to fun at the adventure park and sleigh rides. In summer, Crested Butte is home to seasonal festivals, mountain biking, and zip lines, which take over the fun and encourage everyone to soak up glorious sun. 

When you're not relaxing in your home away from home and cooking for your group, you can treat everyone to a night out at the Ol' Miner Steakhouse. Serving up classic American fare with a focus on hearty portions, no one will leave hungry. Make sure you try one of the Tommy Knocker steaks to please everyone's eager palate. 

Come relax in a stress-free vacation home in this picturesque mountain town, and surround yourself with easy access to outdoor adventures. No matter what time of year you come to visit, Almont, CO will be your perfect slice of alpine paradise to settle into the beautiful Colorado scenery.

Photo Credit: Tim Pindell via Flickr