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About Haena

Make your way to the end of the road past Hanalei, and you’ve arrived in Haena. This secluded Kauai community is home to dramatic coastline, sparkling rainbows, and some of our loveliest beach house rentals. Come see what it’s all about!

Where is Haena?

Haena is Kauai’s northernmost town, consisting of a small residential community at the end of the highway. It’s not a far drive from Hanalei, where you can grocery shop, sightsee, and dine out during your Haena vacation. Haena State Park’s lush mountains and jungles surrounds the neighborhood.

Things To Do In Haena

Once you’re settled into your beach house rental in Haena, take a stroll down to the sand. If you recognize the scenery at Ke’e Beach, you may be remembering the beach in the 1957 film South Pacific, which was filmed here. When the surf’s not too high, this beach makes an ideal setting for snorkeling. Grab your gear and explore the rich and colorful reef life just below the surface.

Our Haena beach house rentals give you a front-row seat to Kauai’s wonders. Your island getaway awaits!

Photo Credit: Peter Burka via Flickr