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About Jonestown

When Austinites—or the residents of trendy Austin—need a quick getaway, they know to head to Lake Travis. This 29-square-mile lake is a popular spot for boating, swimming, beach-lounging, and more. If you’re dreaming of a lakeside getaway where the temperatures are hot in the summer and mild in the winter, look no further than our Jonestown vacation rentals.

Where is Jonestown, TX?

Known as the Gateway to the Hill Country, Jonestown affords a quieter, more rural escape to Lake Travis. Home to public parks, a cute downtown, and a fun local flair, it’s captured the hearts of travelers for years. Jonestown is about 30 miles from Austin, and perfect for a day-trip into this bustling city.

Things to do in Jonestown, TX

Of course, one of the best things about a trip to Jonestown is Lake Travis. In fact, many of our Jonestown cabin rentals are located right on the waterfront, affording you the best access possible. Lake Travis is the most visited freshwater lake in Texas, and beloved for its unique limestone bottom, which gives the lake its pristine, crystal-blue hues. 

A number of lakeside parks offer the perfect spot for a shady picnic, a spot to launch your boat, or beaches for swimming. Many local companies offer equipment rental, if you want to kayak or stand-up paddleboard. You can even rent a party barge or Jet Skis—Lake Travis is all about having fun on the water!

When you’re ready to venture onto land, you’ll find plenty of local flavor to experience in Jonestown. The cute downtown area has movie theaters, shops, galleries, bars, and restaurants. 

For an authentic Jonestown experience, in the spring and summer, you can take part in the annual appearance of chimney swifts that come to the area. In the evenings, locals gather to watch the amazing aerial display of hundreds of chimney swifts soaring through the air, returning to their cistern for the night. The town even hosts an annual Cajun Fest in spring, for some more local flavor. This free event takes place at Jones Brothers Park and features live music, food, and entertainment from the Cajun culture.

Make the most of your Lake Travis getaway with one of our Jonestown vacation rentals. Browse our homes today and experience lakeside bliss for yourself.