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About Isle La Motte

Floating calmly amongst the waters of the vast and regal Lake Champlain, the shores of Isle La Motte, the northernmost link in the chain of Lake Champlain Islands, offers a peaceful respite for nature lovers and those looking to trade TV screens and cell phones for sunrises and scenic views. Though remote, Isle La Motte hosts an extensive and easily accessible shoreline - a kayaker's dream - and endless black marble nooks and crannies begging to be explored. A trip to Isle La Motte and a stay in one of our vacation rentals epitomizes the meaning of a peaceful getaway. 

Outdoor Activities on Isle La Motte 

The real treasure of Isle La Motte lies in its foundation, which is made of an alluring dark limestone called black marble. The Fisk Quarry Nature Preserve offers visitors a glimpse of the island's history as a mining town. Though much of the quarry is overgrown and bursting with lush flora and fauna, one need not be a geologist to appreciate the natural beauty of the mighty marble facades, which are speckled with exposed fossils. Amateur archaeologists and curious hikers welcome. 

The Goodsell Ridge Preserve contains 480 millions years of fossilized history from the Chazy Fossil Reef amongst its 85 sprawling acres of old farm fields. Venture on a self-guided tour of the fossils for a fascinating recap on evolution that would make your fifth-grade science teacher proud, or traverse through the flora of the trails for your daily dose of natural wonder.

Kayakers, bikers, and hikers will find no shortage of outdoor adventure with their preferred mode of active transport. Reinvigorate a tired body or an overworked mind with a brisk paddle along the coast, bike around the perimeter, or hike through the quarry and find your sanctuary in the lake breeze and lush trails of this island destination.

Places to Visit on Isle La Motte

A trek, bike, or drive to the northern point of the island will allow visitors a glimpse of the charming Isle La Motte Light, an iron lighthouse first used in 1857, and which still functions today on solar power. Tranquility awaits in the spiritual atmosphere at St. Anne's Shrine, where peaceful self-reflection meets zen bending on the shores of Sandy Point.

Day Trips from Isle La Motte

An island retreat at our Isle La Motte vacation rentals offers an array of opportunities to unwind in seclusion as well as chances to venture outside of the black marble bluffs. Because the Lake Champlain Islands are nestled between Montreal and Burlington, both destinations are accessible from Isle La Motte, which is about sixty miles south of the former and forty-five miles north of the latter. It is also about 18 miles from Grand Isle, one of its sister islands, where visitors will find Grand Isle State Park for further opportunities to soak in the majesty of the great New England outdoors. 

Golden under crisp foliage in the fall and buzzing with outdoor activity in the summer, Isle La Motte beckons visitors with humbling natural beauty along the shores of the stunning Lake Champlain. A trip to the island and a stay in one of our Isle La Motte vacation rentals is perfect for those looking to unwind and replenish with a little lake effect serenity. Book your bliss today!

Photo credit: flickr user Mark Hatchski