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About Samara

Typically, tourists in search of the perfect Costa Rican vacation will head to more well-known destinations, like the resort town of Jacó in the Puntarenas province. While the hustle and bustle of such towns has its own appeal, cities like Samara in the beautiful Guanacaste Province provide a fun new side of the region to experience. Beloved by tourists and locals alike, the soft sands, low-key atmosphere, and stunning natural beauty near our vacation rentals in Samara make for a getaway you won't soon forget.

Beaches in Samara

Tucked away on the northern Pacific Coast, Samara's main attraction is the eponymous Playa Samara. Soft, tan-white sands, rows of swaying palm trees, and the stunning coral reef just offshore make it as picturesque a place to sip a cool tropical drink as any in Costa Rica. The aforementioned reef also keeps the waves relatively calm, making it an ideal place for swimming, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and beginner surfing. Diving companies in town can also equip you with equipment like oxygen tanks if you're up for exploring a new side of the sea!

If you'd like a change of scenery, the smaller Playa Carillo is just to the south. While it doesn't have the beachside bars of Playa Samara, this local favorite is far less frequented by tourists, giving it much more of a relaxed, isolated atmosphere. Even farther off is Playa Barrigona - after miles of driving and winding dirt roads, you'll reach the stunning white sands and azure waters of the isolated beach.

Delicious Restaurants in Samara

While Playa Samara may be the main reason to visit the town, it's hardly the only one. The beachside town is full of incredible restaurants to try, making it great for couples in search of romantic dinners, as well as groups of friends looking for fun-filled evenings. The wood-fire grill of El Lagarto and hip fare of Bouticafé Bohemia are perfect for your next date night, while Microbar's wide variety of brews, Lo Que Hay's beachside setting and live music, and Flying Taco's delectable salsas all make for fun diversions. If you'd prefer to make your own meals in your cozy vacation rental, make sure you stop by Samara Organics to pick up fresh ingredients. There's even a nearby farmer's market on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Samara and the Tropical Dry Forest

Bordered by over 300 acres of jungle in the Werner Sauter Biological Reserve, Samara is surrounded by both natural beauty and amazing animal life. Monkeys, iguanas, and exotic birds frequent town itself, while rarer species like porcupines and owls are deeper in the tropical dry forest. Hikes through the foliage are long, strenuous, and require a guide, but the animal life you'll discover - and beach views you'll see from the lookout - are more than worth the trouble. If you'd like to rest your weary legs, just try a horseback tour instead - the tours take you by both the beach and jungle, and include plenty of chances to spot wildlife along the way.

During the sweltering summers, you might forgo the hikes in the jungle and pay a visit to the Belen Waterfall, instead. The breathtaking cove is only 20 minutes from downtown Samara, but thanks to the lack of signage on the primitive riverside trail, the swimming hole is largely unknown to tourists. Whether you choose to splash around with the kids or simply sprawl on the warm rocks by the shore and sunbathe, you can do so without much worry of being disturbed.

Your next Costa Rican adventure will be sublime when you stay at one of our vacation rental in Samara!
Photo Credit: m.prinke via Flickr