Willow Creek Vacation Rentals

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About Willow Creek

Are you seeking a getaway to the redwoods that’s equal parts peaceful and fun? Our Willow Creek vacation rentals offer unparalleled access to the outdoors—rivers, hiking trails, beaches, and mountains—plus lots of local flair and a quirky Bigfoot theme.

Where is Willow Creek, CA?

Our Willow Creek cabin rentals are nestled inside the Six Rivers National Forest, meaning all kinds of outdoor activities will be right at your fingertips. You’ll find tranquility among the towering redwoods, which came to be such giants due to the rainy, misty weather that makes up most of the year. Summers are dry and sunny, though, and a popular time for nature enthusiasts to visit.

Things to do in Willow Creek, CA

Slow down and savor the laid-back atmosphere surrounding our Willow Creek vacation rentals. Stop by the stand at Trinity River Farm for fresh produce or take a scenic drive along the long, winding roads (they’re also great for road cycling.) Taste local wines from Winett or Trinity River Vineyards, and be sure to grab a bottle to enjoy at your Willow Creek cabin rental.

The area is known as the Gateway to Bigfoot Country, so fans of the eerie and mysterious will find plenty to see and do. Locals refer to Highway 96 as the Bigfoot Scenic Highway, due to the sheer number of Bigfoot sightings that have occurred in the region—the most in the country, in fact. The town of Willow Creek even celebrates Bigfoot Days every September with a parade, barbecue, and other festivities. And of course, there’s the ultimate photo opportunity: a 25-foot statue of Bigfoot carved, appropriately, from a redwood tree.

When it’s time to go outside, your opportunities are endless. Dozens of hiking trails through towering redwood trees are right at your fingertips, and the nearby Boise Creek Campground features an easy half-mile trail leading to a creek and swimming hole. You can fish here as well, in the Trinity River, where you’ll find bountiful salmon in the fall and steelhead in the winter.

If you want to visit the coast, our Willow Creek vacation rentals are just an hour away, perfect for a day-trip. Explore where dense forest meets sandy beach, and the rocky cliffs that join them. Whether you’re surfing, shell-hunting, or just admiring the sunset, a trip to one of the beaches along the Redwood Coast is a must.

At the end of the day, you can unwind in the peacefulness of your Willow Creek vacation rental. Watch the stars, curl up by the fireplace, or uncork that bottle of local wine. However you choose to vacation, we offer a home for every kind of traveler. Browse our collection today.