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Promo code FAQ

Here are some common issues to check:

  1. Ensure you are entering the code correctly.
  2. Verify that you meet the correct parameters (e.g., the code may be valid only for specific locations or check-in dates).
  3. The property might not allow discounts. Try applying the code to another property.
  4. Ensure all stay dates are in the promo stay window.

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To meet the needs of our homeowners, each home has minimum rate settings. If applying a discount would drop the rate below this threshold, the discount may not apply. Additionally, some homeowners may opt out of offering discounts.

Each home has minimum rate settings to ensure we help homeowners meet their financial goals. If a discount would drop the rate below this threshold, the full discount will not apply.

No, discounts cannot be retroactively applied to an existing reservation. Discount offers are non-transferable.

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Promo codes are not currently supported in the Vacasa app.

We typically run at least one promo code per month, but most have specific market or stay parameters.

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