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  • Dedham

    Angela B.

    We woke up to the sound of an eagle and even got to see it fly out of the tree. Woke up to the fall foliage reflection on the lake along with fog!!! What a perfect vacation spot. Can I email someone some photos???
  • Dedham

    Michael P.

    G & M Variety Market was very conveniently located.
  • Dedham

    Leslie K.

    My boys enjoyes skipping rocks on the lake. Would have been nice to have fishing poles or other water toys available.
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    Torrey F.

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    Donna W.

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    YI L.

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    Greg E.

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    Janhavi C.

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    Jeffrey G.

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    Amber And Will R.

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    Lara T.

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    Joseph J.

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    Mohsen B.