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Guest Reviews - Brockway, CA

Brockway Reviews (42)

42 reviews

Brockway overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 Brockway, CA 21 42

  • Brockway

    Timothy C.

    Loved the zip-lining/obstacle course at Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park. Breakfast was really good at the Log Cabin Cafe. Mt. Rose had best snow around and BOGO Tuesdays. Had fun hitting the Thrift stores in King’s Beach and Incline Village.
  • Brockway

    Michael U.

    Short, pleasant walk to Speedboat Beach and the nearby casinos.
  • Brockway


    Lake is in walking distance and the property is tucked away nicely behind the main street so there is no busy traffic out front. Additionally, the neighbors were very nice and welcoming of the snow day our family had in the back yard!
  • Brockway

    Desiree H.

    Speedboat beach was very stunning, close by & the walk to it was beautiful. We didn't go anywhere else in Brockway but drove to nearby Kings beach & Incline Village. We preferred the family friendly amenities there. We did enjoy the view surrounding the patio & the room to spread out.
  • Brockway

    Vincent V.

    The mellow yellow pub near hear is great for a few beers in the evening. Unfortunately you have to cross the busy main road to get to the beach.
  • Brockway

    Larry H.

    The King's Beach area was very nice and had plenty to offer including shops, restaurants, and recreation.
  • Brockway

    David N.

    The proximity to Speedboat Beach is awesome!
  • Brockway

    Frank G.

    heavently was great skiing , so was alpine meadows
  • Brockway

    Dana G.

    Diamond Peak - close, affordable skiing
  • Brockway

    April M.

    Sand harbor is so beautiful
  • Brockway

    Morgan M.

    King's Beach and Moon's Beach.
  • Brockway

    Dore B.

    Great location within walking distance to casinos and local places
  • Brockway

    Janice B.

    easy access to ski areas.
  • Brockway

    Gay W.

    Close to great snowshoeing and ski areas.
  • Brockway

    Cindy D.

    Speedboat Beach is our favorite beach on Tahoe. When you swim with goggles the sandy bottom sparkles gold-absolutely magical!
  • Brockway

    Colleen L.

    Great house! Great location! I'd come back in the future! Thank you!
  • Brockway

    Philip G.

    Speedboat Beach
  • Brockway

    Sean C.

    Soule Domaine is a nice restaurant just a block away.
  • Brockway

    Tom G.

    Catalina, Kings State Beach
  • Brockway

    Alana B.

    you can walk down to the bay through one of the streets across, close to stores, close to casinos.
  • Brockway

    Dan L.

    Loved that we were waking distance to the Biltmore Casino
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