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About Maui
Born from the floor of the Pacific over 1 million years ago, the volcanic island of Maui is one of the most famous in the archipelago known as the Hawaiian Islands. In that time, the lava rock has transformed into a thriving landscape that draws all walks of life from across the world.

Endless sunshine, white sandy beaches, and deep blue waters are just the most obvious things the magical island of Maui has to offer her guests. It already sounds like paradise before you even mention world-class surfing, top-tier golf courses, delectable island food, and an incredibly diverse ecosystem both above and below water. Good news: our Maui vacation rentals provide an ideal place to experience it all!

Where is Maui?

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 2,340 miles west of San Francisco, 3,960 miles east of Tokyo, and only one degree further north than Mexico City relative to the equator, Maui lies in a tropical climate that is sunny and blissful all year long. Sitting between Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii, Maui is the second-largest island in the chain. Thanks to the Kahului Airport, it is an easy-to-reach destination.

Resort Life on Maui

We offer condo rentals in many of Maui’s finest resorts, so whether you're seeking a three-bedroom, oceanfront suite in the luxury resort, Honua Kai, or a smaller, private condo for a honeymoon in Lahaina, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

While you’re busy basking by the poolside, relaxing with a hot stone massage, and sipping cocktails on your private lanai as you watch a jaw-dropping sunset, you’ll notice your stress melt away like the ocean tide. Our Maui vacation rentals are the perfect reminder of how beautiful life can be if you just slow the pace a little bit.

Outdoor Activities on Maui

Whether you prefer sea or land, you’ll find a wealth of activities here in paradise to make every day exciting. Go on a whale and dolphin watching tour for a chance to see Spinners do acrobatics or to glimpse one of the thousands of Humpback whales that call Maui’s crystal-clear waters home. Don your snorkel or scuba gear to swim with the colorful fish, coral, and majestic sea turtles underwater, or rent a surfboard and shred some of the Pacific’s finest waves.

Golf here has been ranked some of the best in the world, so athletes will not want to pass up an opportunity to play a round or two - the breathtaking scenery will do wonders to your game! If you’re the adventurous type, wake up well before dawn and make the trek up Haleakala to greet the sun from 10,000 feet elevation (remember to bring warm clothes!). We don’t blame you if your bed is too cozy to get up, though - you can always sleep in and take a jungle hike to visit a gushing waterfall later.

You might not be able to take all of paradise back with you, but the memories you make here are yours to keep! Book a stay in one of our Maui condo rentals today and let the countdown begin.

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