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About Chiniak
With a population of roughly 50, tiny Chiniak is a mere dot on the northeastern corner of Kodiak Island which, at about 3,600 square miles, is the second largest island in the United States. Its jagged peaks, fjord-like bays, and wide U-shaped valleys carved by receding glaciers over 20,000 years ago, Kodiak Island is mountainous and heavily forested in the north and east, but fairly treeless on the south. Located 45 miles south of Kodiak, Chiniak (an "Aleutiq," or Russian-Aleut name) is the perfect destination for anyone wanting a straight-on encounter with an environment dominated by the sea and the many - often turbulent - moods of the Gulf of Alaska in the northern Pacific. As a reward for toughing out its frequent cloud cover, fog, and severe storms, Chiniak returns an unforgettable experience of nature in its most pristine and beautiful forms. If you need to stock up, do it in Kodiak, as all transportation between the island and outside goes through this city. There are no stores or gas stations in Chiniak. Several residents commute to Kodiak for employment. However, Chiniak is rich in the one attribute eternally regarded as the baseline of value in real estate: Location, location, location! Since the southwestern two-thirds of Kodiak Island is part of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, Chiniak is just a short distance from a variety and abundance of wildlife unparalleled in the Lower 48. Its seven major rivers and hundreds of streams are spawning grounds for all six species of Pacific Ocean Salmon, trout, and other species. The salmon, in turn, nurture 250 species of birds. The refuge is also home to other mammals like Kodiak brown bear, red fox, Sitka deer, mountain goat, Roosevelt elk, snowshoe hare, and beaver. Hunters can test their mettle, and sightseers can simply enjoy the wonders Kodiak Island at the Kodiak Game Ranch. Located 50 miles south of Kodiak in Narrow Cape, visitors can hunt buffalo, deer, and bear, fish silver salmon, or explore over 20,000 acres on horseback. The ranch has miles of wilderness beaches along the Pacific Ocean to comb. Trail rides extend far back into our valleys. Other pastimes include berry picking, wildlife photography, bird watching, and picnics. Hard to believe, but golfers have their day in the sun on Kodiak Island as well! Every March, the area is host to some of the heartiest golfers in the world who come to participate in the Pillar Mountain Golf Classic, a two-day classic one hole, Par 70, golf tournament to the top of 1400 ft. snow covered Pillar Mountain in Kodiak, Alaska. Or, take some time to sample the vintages at the Chiniak Winery. If you're looking for the great outdoors in all its unspoiled glory, then bring your warm clothes and rain-gear and spend some time in the magnificent Kodiak/Chiniak area of Alaska, one of the most beautiful places on earth!