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About Cabo Matapalo

Imagine a place so tranquil—so removed from it all—that the only sounds are the calls of exotic birds and waves crashing. Cabo Matapalo is a tucked-away surfer’s paradise, nestled into the Península de Osa, on the southern end of Costa Rica. If you’re looking for a haven from the chaos of everyday life, our Cabo Matapalo vacation rentals are calling.

This area has been called “some of the country’s most beautiful and least visited places.” You won’t find crowds here, just tropical rainforests and undisturbed beaches. The beaches here are perfect for surfing and just minutes from our Cabo Matapalo condo rentals. If you’re looking for a place to swim or just splash around, the waters of nearby Pan Dulce are much gentler.

A big draw to Cabo Matapalo is, understandably, the outdoors. King Louis Waterfall is just a short trip away, and doesn’t require a strenuous hike to reach. Also nearby is Corcovado National Park, with over 100,000 acres of tropical rainforest. Costa Rica is a bird-watcher’s haven, and this park is no exception—you may even see sloths, tapirs, and monkeys. 

Our Cabo Matapalo vacation rentals are perfect for anyone looking to disconnect from the hustle and bustle, and to experience unparalleled nature. Immerse yourself in the beaches, rainforests, and wildlife of Costa Rica for your most memorable getaway yet.