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About Dizzasco

If you're traveling through Italy's stunning, verdant Lombardy region consider one of our lovely vacation homes in the quaint little village of Dizzasco for an unforgettable Italian dream vacation.

Where is Dizzasco, Italy?

Dizzasco is nestled in the Province of Como, about 31 miles north of Milan and two miles from the western shores of resplendent, romantic Lake Como.

Things to Do in Dizzasco

Revel in the tranquility of this unassuming village and visit its well-preserved, 17th-century Church of S. Sisinnio where you'll find gorgeous, ancient art and a fascinating lesson about its history. 

Head straight east to Argegno and you'll find yourself at the edge of enchanting Lake Como. Stroll the promenade flanked with lime trees while you enjoy a gelato, then head to the main piazza and mingle with the locals. 

Take the cable car from Argegno to the charming town of Pigra and get a slice of pizza after hiking the trails. You can take the cable car rather than making the somewhat steep descent by foot.

If you're up to travel a little farther, drive nine miles south to the more touristy town of Como and visit the Como Cathedral, the Archeological Museum, and the Basilica di Sant’Abbondio. And if time allows, take another cable car trip to Brunate where you'll be blessed with a breathtaking view of the lake and the chance to tour the Volta Lighthouse, named after Alessandro Volta, inventor of the modern battery, who lived in Brunate for a short period.

Dizzasco is the perfect home base for your Lake Como getaway and our vacation rentals will ensure you experience this beautiful part of Italy in comfort and style.

Photo Credit: Massimo Mal via Flickr