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About Manilva

Although this seaside city's history dates back to the Stone Age and the Roman Period, the town of Manilva was officially founded in the 16th century. With its prime location on the Mediterranean Sea and amazing ancient ruins, it has become a prime destination over the last few decades for both industry and tourism. Surrounded by stunning ancient vineyards and rich culture, our vacation rentals in the historic town of Manilva is a beautiful place to relax and let your worries fall away.

Where is Manilva?

The city of Manilva lies on the southwestern coast of Spain in the Andalusian province of Costa del Sol. For history, culture, delicious food, and Andalusian tradition, our Manilva vacation rentals offer an amazing destination for an unforgettable getaway. 

Things To Do in Manilva

With ancient ruins, historic architecture, and beautiful beaches, there's plenty to explore in Manilva and the surrounding villages. For years, Manilva's main industries were fishing, agriculture, and viticulture - especially production of Moscatel grapes for fine wines and raisins. Today, it provides an amazing setting for delicious Spanish cuisine and wines.

Visit one of Manilva's coastal villages and explore the remains of a Roman factory, villa, and bathhouse at the Castle of the Duquesa. This 18th-century fortress was built over the remains of a large Roman fishing village located on the beach, which was rediscovered during the last century. 

For a relaxing day in the warm Spanish sun, head to one of the stunning beaches that line the miles of sandy coastline in this area. Spend your days sipping local wines, enjoying amazing Andalusian seafood and tapas, and sunbathing on the beach before retiring to your private vacation rental to recharge and do it again!

Day Trips near Manilva

Explore the open-air cafes, picturesque white-washed old town, and beautiful beaches at the luxurious destination of Marbella, just 28 miles northeast up the coastline. Continue on up the coast to the larger city of Malaga about 65 miles away. As Spain's sixth largest city, Malaga offers an abundance of centuries-old architecture, including a historic quarter with amazing central plazas, shopping, and delicious tapas places. 

For an amazing sight, head west to view the infamous Rock of Gibraltar, a 1,398-foot monolith at the tip of the Iberian Peninsula. About 21 miles inland from Manilva, there's also the scenic Sierra Bermeja mountain range, where you can embark on several different hikes and outdoor activities to explore the Spanish countryside. 

Experience the rich culture, history, and cuisine of Andalusian Spain when you stay at one of our Manilva vacation rentals!

Photo Credit: Andy R via Flickr