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About Costa del Sol
Tucked away on the warm southern coast of Spain, Costa del Sol is one of the most amazing areas in the region of Andalusia. Sunning on the area's multitude of beaches, exploring nearby natural wonders, and visiting large and small towns alike are just the beginning of what you can during your trip to Costa del Sol when you stay in one of our extraordinary vacation rentals.

The Many Beaches of Costa del Sol

It should come as no surprise that the southerly Sun Coast of Spain has some fantastic beaches. The most famous is easily Bajondillo Beach, with soft golden sands, warm waves from the Alboran Sea, and restaurants offering savory fried fish lining the area.

Enjoy something a little different at the black-sand beach of La Fontanilla in the paradise city of Marbella, which also has a nearby promenade to enjoy when the beach gets crowded during the high season. For those in search of nice, laid-back afternoons, visit one of the beaches in the quiet, historical city of Nerja.

If you're staying in one of our vacation rentals in Málaga, you can escape the crowds at La Carihuela Beach, which offers many spots for sunbathing or relaxing in the shade while placing you near the dining and boutiques of the port of Benalmádena.

Parks, Caves, and More

As nice as the caws of seagulls and gentle roaring of the waves can be, it can be nice to change up the scenery. Incredible stalactites and stalagmites await in the Caves of Nerja in the western part of the region. The El Torcal Natural Park is a world-recognized UNESCO site about 30 miles north of Málaga, with hiking amongst rocky outcroppings.

Halfway between Marbella and Málaga in the port town of Benalmádena lies a little oasis called Paloma Park, which offers more peaceful walks amongst varied plant life like cacti, cherry blossoms, and swaying palm trees. If you're in the area or passing by, it might be worth the time to visit and enjoy a quiet moment.

Málaga and Neighboring Cities

In addition to plenty of natural attractions to explore, Costa del Sol has its fair share of bustling cities to visit. The largest is Málaga, with a bustling, vibrant atmosphere, along with a rich, ancient history. Grand cathedrals, Moorish fortresses, and Roman ruins all lie nearby, providing fun, educational attractions to enjoy between sipping cups of espresso and eating tapas in one of the city's many plazas or shopping in the designer stores that line the city's ancient streets.

If the city's hustle and bustle are too much for you, head to one of the smaller settlements in the area! Benalmadena Pueblo gives you a taste of that old-world wonder you just can't get across the Atlantic, with old-fashioned architecture and a quiet location far from Málaga's city noise. You are perfectly positioned to visit nearby golf courses, amusement parks, and museums, though! Those in search of something a little glitzier should check out Puerto Banús. Beloved by the rich and famous, the port town has a stunning marina full of glamorous yachts, along with elegant restaurants and an amazing nightlife.

No matter what kind of experience you're after, it will be enhanced by nearly eternal sun, golden beaches, and the historic feeling that is so prevalent in Southern Spain. Choose from our selection of vacation rentals in Costa del Sol and book your ticket to paradise today!

Photo Credit: Dale Musselman via Flickr