Montevideo Vacation Rentals

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About Montevideo

There are plenty of South and Latin American vacation destinations worthy of your consideration - in Chile, you'll find the vibrant culture of Santiago and seaside beauty of Valparaíso, while sunny Mexico boasts incredible natural beauty and a joyful culture.

Our homes in peaceful Uruguay offer a completely unique experience, though, and there's no better place to stay than the prosperous and historic capital of Montevideo. Founded nearly three centuries ago, it's no wonder Montevideo houses nearly a third of Uruguay's population of 3.4 million - when it comes to natural beauty, fascinating culture, and history to appreciate, the city stands just as tall as any on the continent.

Museums, Skyscrapers, & More in Montevideo

In the sprawling 75-square-mile metropolis, each of Montevideo's neighborhoods has something to offer, with upscale suburbs by the coast, old and new buildings standing side-by-side downtown, and Brazilian and American inspired architecture to the south by the beaches. Heading out from your home, you can admire it all from the east side of town at the height of the Palacio Salvo, South America's tallest skyscraper when it opened in 1927. Even more dramatic views await at the top of the Torre Antel, a thoroughly modern skyscraper that dominates Montevideo's skyline.

When you've seen enough of the city from above, return to the streets and explore a rich artistic and cultural history with over a dozen amazing museums! Learn about the culture of the Gauchos (Uruguay's cowboys) at the Museo del Gaucho, learn about one of the world's most famous festivals at the Muse del Carnaval, and dive into the artistic treasures that await in the Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales.

Monuments and Markets in Montevideo

Montevideo is an amazing location for walking and bus tours, with unique architecture to enjoy and plenty of public sights, restaurants, and markets to experience firsthand as you head out and explore! Marvel at the hustle and bustle of Plaza Independencia downtown, enjoy some ocean air at the Yacht Harbor, and take in some incredible architecture at the Palacio Estévez, which was the seat of the government until 1985.

No stroll around the city would be complete without some shopping and dining. Luckily, our vacation rentals place you close to it all - market stalls in Plaza Matriz, seaside sales near the Mercado del Puerto, and when you're hungry grab some tapas from Candy Bar, international fare from Estrecho's bar counter, or garish cocktails at Casitanno - you'll have endless choices!

Day Trips from Montevideo

The most obvious getaway from Montevideo is the deceptively small resort hub of Punta del Este. You wouldn't know from its skyscrapers and bustling port that this town has less than 10,000 residents, but rest assured, with a lively nightlife, gorgeous beaches, and fun-filled trips to nearby islands, there's something here for everyone - all easily accessible from your convenient vacation rental.

The city of Colonia couldn't be more different from the bombast and glamor of Punta del Este, but it is no less worth of a visit. Colonia del Sacramento is nearly four hundred years old, and its historic district has enough invaluable significance that it's been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the wharf and Fernando's Beach to the omnipresent, well-preserved colonial architecture and the stunning Real de San Carlos bullfighting arena that regularly held 10,000 spectators in ancient times, a visit to this town is one you won't soon forget.

From the rolling beauty in the north of the country to the stunning cities of its coast, Uruguay has plenty to offer tourists. Our vacation rentals are the perfect way to experience this exciting culture, because few places better showcase the country's wonders than the capital of Montevideo!

Photo Credit: David Almeida via Flickr