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About Canada

From the Pacific to the Atlantic, Canada is a nation of glittering cities, majestic summits, and awe-inspiring wonders of nature - and one that will warmly welcome you to our Canada vacation rentals.

The wonders begin on the Pacific coast of British Columbia, where the glass skyscrapers of Vancouver guard a small portion of the country's 126,000-mile coastline. Moving eastward into Alberta will bring you to Banff, the crown jewel of the Canadian Rockies and a haven for hikers and skiers. 

In the province of Ontario, you'll find the national capital of Ottawa, the thriving metropolis of Toronto. Feel the lingering French influence in Québec to the east, where you can attend the International Jazz Festival in Montréal each summer. Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and the ocean coast of Newfoundland and Labrador make up Canada's exquisite east coast.

Check back in the near future for Canada vacation rentals by Vacasa. In the meantime, our partner site RentChalets offers a bounty of incredible ski condos, lakeside retreats, and cabins. Come experience the beauty of Canada with one of our vacation rentals.