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About La Serena

Surrounded by stunning deserts, the lush central valley, and the Pacific Ocean, the scenic town of La Serena provides a relaxing Chilean destination for all kinds of travelers. Experience plenty of beautiful beaches, sport fishing, and delicious local wine when you stay at a La Serena vacation rental. 

Where is La Serena?

Located on the coast about 300 miles north of Santiago and Valparaiso, La Serena is the capital of the Coquimbo Region. Vicuña, the urban center of the Elqui Valley, sits just 40 miles east, while the Atacama Desert stretches over 600 miles north of the city all the way up to Peru.

Things To Do in La Serena

In town, you'll have plenty of fun activities to choose from. Plan a spa day at one of the luxurious retreats in town, then lounge at one of the several warm-water beaches. Stroll down the Avenida del Mar along the beach and find the perfect sunbathing spot, or peruse the shops and artwork at the Recova market. 

If you're looking to learn about the local history and colonial architecture, La Serena won't disappoint. As the capital of the Coquimbo Region, the city has several iconic features. There's the landmark Faro Monumental lighthouse, the late-Renaissance Iglesia de San Francisco, and many more churches along the skyline. Visit the La Serena Archeological Museum and view the pre-Hispanic pottery and a giant stone head (moai) from Easter Island. 

La Serena is also a hot spot for all kinds of sports. From sport fishing to adrenaline-filled parasailing, there's something for everyone at this bustling beach city. Spend your days exploring the colonial and neo-colonial architecture, sunbathing on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, and tasting the local wines and piscos (the national drink of Chile - a type of brandy made from local grapes). 

Day Trips from La Serena

In the nearby town of Coquimbo seven miles away, there's a bustling nightlife scene and lots of fun annual events. Visit the La Herradura beach during the day, then head out for some drinks in the English District. Every September, the Chilean Independence celebrations fill the streets, creating a party-like atmosphere complete with dancing, festival cuisine, and wine. 

Inland from La Serena, the central valley features lush, fertile land that's perfect for growing grapes. Visit the surrounding valley and small towns outside the city and go on a tasting of the local wines and piscos for an unforgettable culinary experience. 

About 16 miles south of La Serena, the coastal town of Totoralillo is home to the annual Lenguado Fishing Championship every August. Filled with fishing, varieties of seafood cuisine, and plenty of thirst-quenching pisco, this event is a vibrant occasion for both avid fishing fans and casual travelers alike. 

Visit this bustling Chilean city and experience the beauty of coastal Chile when you stay in one of our La Serena vacation rentals. 

Photo Credit: Ronald Woan via Flickr