There are lots of considerations when you bring your kids to Spain’s Balearic Islands. Requesting child-friendly tapas is a must at any restaurants you visit, as is being more flexible when it comes to bedtimes to accommodate those late Spanish evenings.

But what about attractions and things to do in Mallorca for kids? There are plenty of chances for amazing, family-friendly fun scattered throughout the island, but you have to know where to look. Here are a few ideas to give the kids the Mallorca vacation of a lifetime!

Child-Friendly Activities in Palma

The bustling capital of Mallorca, Palma is an amazing treasure trove of history—which isn’t always the most appealing thing to youngsters. Fortunately, Bellver Castle combines the rich history of the islands with an exciting space for kids, offering stunning views outside and several passages to explore inside.

Sampling the Local Fare

Its location on the west side of the city means long car rides won’t be a problem, and transporting hungry kids to restaurants couldn’t be easier thanks to a few nearby choices. Restaurante Bahía Mediterráneo is just a few blocks away, with options including savory sea bass fillet, flavorful gazpacho, and special menus for the holidays.

Exploring the Aquarium

Girl at the Palma Aquarium in Mallorca, Spain.
The Palma Aquarium | Photo courtesy of Dave Brookes

Another educational attraction is the Palma Aquarium. In addition to letting your children marvel at more than 8,000 aquatic animals, the aquarium has a wide variety of special activities just for kids, like working as special assistants to feed the animals.

If they’re feeling brave, let them learn more about one of the ocean’s most misunderstood creatures with a safe, controlled dive featuring several European sharks.

Climbing Palma’s Many Playgrounds

a playground in Mallorca, Spain.
Playground in Mallorca | Photo courtesy of Mac Hotels

When all else fails, you can always count on playgrounds to keep your kids happy, and Palma has plenty. A small castle (complete with towers, walls, and two twisting slides) awaits near Bellever Forest, with a smaller, isolated tower perfect for smaller kids.

Back in town, Parc de la Mar has lots of open space where your kids can run and play to their heart’s content in the fresh air, as well as its own towers that let them climb around or enjoy more steel slides.

If your kids seem tuckered out under the shade of the plastic green structures, don’t hesitate to get their energy levels up at a nearby restaurant. A delicious mixture of caramels, ice cream scoops, and fruits awaits in Almudaina Restaurant’s dessert platter, as well as heartier fare like authentic Spanish paella.

Family-Friendly Beaches in Mallorca

There’s nothing more fun than a family day at the beach, and Mallorca has lots of soft, sandy shores your kids are sure to love!

Playa de Muro

Playa de Muro beach
Photo courtesy of Morfheos

Families in the northeast of the country should visit Playa de Muro, with calm, shallow waters—though the crowds can be intense, so try to arrive early! There are nearly four miles of soft, sandy beachfront to admire, and thanks to the nearby town of Can Picafort, finding something else to do is quick and easy.

Schedule an adventurous day of spelunking at nearby Experience Mallorca, or have a spicy twist on an old favorite with a slice of volcano pizza at Pizzeria Manolo.

Playa de Formentor

Playa de Formentor beach
Photo courtesy of Cayetano

Further to the north, meanwhile, lies Playa de Formentor. It’s a little out of the way, but it offers shining blue-green waters and relaxing sunny shores with fewer crowds than the beaches by Alcúdia.

Cala Falcó

Cala Falco beach
Photo courtesy of David Jones

Show your family a place normally enjoyed only by locals with the small beach at Cala Falcó to the southwest, quiet and surrounded by trees and rocks—be sure to rent a car, as the ability to drive is essential to access the beach.

Cala Deià

rocky beach Cala Dela, Mallorca, Spain.
Photo courtesy of Matthias Buehler

More adventurous kids will like the rocky shingle shores of Cala Deià, also located on the west coast.

Just as important as going to the right beach is avoiding a visit to the wrong one—nude beaches like Es Trenc, Playa del Mago, and Cala Torta might be best avoided if you’re traveling with children.

Water Parks and Zoos in Mallorca

In addition to stunning natural beauty and lots of historical attractions, Mallorca has a surprising variety of amusement parks for your kids to explore!


Families staying in Palma should treat their kids to a quick trip to Aqualand, a sprawling seasonal water park with pools, slides, and flumes for kids of all ages. Float down a lazy river and relax, or thrill yourself with the more intense slides and rides.

Western Water Park

Western Water Park fountain
Western Water Park fountain | Photo courtesy of Burkazoid

More accommodations for smaller guests await at the seasonal, old-west themed Western Water Park in Palmanova, as well as heart-pounding thrills on intense, high-speed slides that older kids will appreciate.


Hidropark Mallorca
Photo courtesy of Mac Hotels

To the northeast, meanwhile, lies Hidropark, a fun diversion when you need a break from Alcúdia’s sandy beaches. This park boasts some truly unique attractions—watch the kids run around in a plastic ball floating in a shallow pool of water, or shout in delight as they spin down a water slide shaped like a massive snake spiraling around a staircase.


A giraffe at Safari-Zoo in Mallorca, Spain
A giraffe at Safari-Zoo | Photo courtesy of Glen Bowman

For drier activities, check out the animal-themed amusement parks on the island! Safari-Zoo combines the thrill of riding on a train with observing animals like hippos, rhinos, baboons, and more, with an engaging locomotive tour through the preserve.

Artestruz Mallorca

It might have less variety, but the Artestruz Mallorca ostrich farm provides an incredible opportunity to feed and stroke these massive birds. You can even enjoy meals with ostrich meat and eggs, though if your kids are particularly taken with the birds, you might want to dine somewhere else.

However you choose to spend your visit, there are plenty of things to do in Mallorca for kids—there’s something for travelers of all ages here!

Featured image courtesy of Delifi de la Rua

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