When should you replace furniture in your vacation rental?


In a dream scenario, stocking your vacation home would be a one-and-done investment. Rugs would remain stain free. Kitchen appliances would never rust or break down. Paint would always look fresh and unchipped. If only.

While you can do a lot to maintain your vacation home all year long, don’t forget all the furniture and amenities that you’ve placed inside. Everything has a lifespan. Don’t let guests be the first to notice when things are broken, fading, or on their last days. Knowing when to replace items in your short-term rental can help you boost your guest reviews, increase guest retention, and stand out from your competition.

(Ahem. When you work with Vacasa for full-service vacation home management, your local home care team will regularly inspect your property. We know what to look for, understand what needs repairing versus what needs to be replaced, and how to make it all seamlessly happen.)

So, grab your calendars. Let’s start planning room-by-room when to replace your home’s furniture and amenities.

When Should You Replace Furniture in Your Vacation Rental?

Furniture replacement schedule for bedrooms

Bedrooms are meant to be relaxing sanctuaries. However, they’re anything but when mattresses get lumpy, pillows flatten, and sheets start to pill and itch. These timelines should give you a good idea when to swap things out.

  • Mattresses: Every 5-10 years, though they should be replaced as soon as possible if springs break or the mattress gets soiled. Rotate and flip your mattress once or twice a year to even out the wear and tear.
  • Bedsheets and pillowcases: Every 1-2 years. Vacasa can stock your home with plush, hotel-quality bed sheets (and towels) as part of our Linen Program. Even better—we launder them, change them out between guests, and replace when needed.
  • Pillows: Every year. Consider using pillow protectors underneath pillowcases as an extra barrier.
  • Duvets, bedspreads, blankets, and comforters: Every 1-2 years. Washing these items after every guest stay will help prevent the buildup of dust mites, sweat, hair, and other unsavory things. But after about 2 years, it’s time to purchase all-new bedding since all that washing means more wear and tear.
  • Bedside tables: Either replace or refinish every 5-10 years. When tables get wobbly, have too many water stains, or no longer fit your bedroom’s style, it’s time to find a replacement.

Furniture replacement schedule for a living room

The living room is a natural gathering place and the scene for countless activities, like TV watching, game playing, nap taking, book reading, working, and more. After furnishing your property, take note of each piece’s life expectancy so you won’t get complaints about scratches, stains, and holes on your furniture.

  • Fabric/cloth couches, sofas, and chairs: Every 7-10 years. Look out for sagging cushions, lack of lumbar support, or broken pieces.
  • TVs: Every 7-8 years. If guests start complaining about fading screens, poor sound quality, or a TV that takes a while to start up, you should consider purchasing a new one.
  • Coffee and end tables: Either replace or refinish every 5-10 years. When tables get wobbly, have too many water stains, or no longer fit your vacation home’s style, it’s time to find a replacement.
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Replacement schedule for a kitchen

Don’t let a broken coffee maker, scratched up pans, or a leaky dishwasher ruin your streak of positive reviews. Stay up to date with all your kitchen essentials with these replacement dates. As with many purchases, higher equality items have longer life expectancies.

  • Dishwasher: Every 5-8 years. Some signs your dishwasher needs to be repaired or replaced: Overheating, leaking, overcooking, giving off an odd smell, or making strange noises.
  • Refrigerator: Every 10-12 years. If your food is spoiling too quickly, there’s condensation inside the fridge, it’s too loud (or too quiet), it’s time for a replacement.
  • Stove and oven: Every 10-15 years. Replace sooner if buttons aren’t working or if there is a faulty spark igniter, loose wiring, or cracks on the tempered glass.
  • Garbage disposal: Every 10-12 years. Garbage disposals won’t function as well beyond that since blades will dull over time.
  • Blenders: Every 3-5 years. With regular use, the motor and blades will slowly wear out.
  • Coffeemakers: Every 2-5 years, with regular cleaning and descaling.
  • Microwave: Every 10-12 years. It’s time for a replacement if it’s emitting smoke, sparks, or burning smells. Or, if it’s not cooking correctly and the buttons no longer work.
  • Ceramic pots and pans: Every 2-5 years. Over time, the coating will wear off. Cast iron and stainless steel cookware generally don’t have to be replaced at all, with the proper care.
When should you replace furniture in your vacation rental?
When should you replace furniture in your vacation rental?

Replacement schedule for bathrooms

Besides the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most highly frequented rooms in your vacation rental property. Make sure everything is up to your guests’ standards by replacing items once they start taking away from a luxurious, pampered experience.

  • Towels: Every 1-2 years. Pulled threads, stains, and waning absorbency will let you know when it’s time to replace. The Vacasa Linen Program can keep each bathroom in your vacation rental stocked with fluffy white towels. We’ll launder them, change them out between guests, and replace when needed.
  • Shower curtain liners: Every 6 months. The humidity and lack of ventilation will cause mold and mildew to build up quickly.
  • Fabric shower curtains: Every year, if you wash them regularly. Look for options made of linen or cotton, which have the longest lifespan.
  • Toilet: Every 10-15 years. How will you know it’s time to replace your toilet? Look for constant clogging, cracked porcelain, and leaks.

Replacement schedule for a laundry room

Being able to clean clothes is a top reason why travelers choose vacation rentals over hotel rooms. So imagine the frustration when guests discover your equipment is 15 years old, rattles and clangs loudly, or refuses to dry even small loads of clothes. Avoid the bad reviews by replacing your equipment before any real problems.

  • Washer: Every 6-12 years. Lifespans are generally longest for high quality models. Signs it’s time to replace your washer: It leaks, stains your clothes, “walks” across the floor, or makes loud noises.
  • Dryer: Every 10 years. Keeping the dryer vent clean will help to extend its life span.

Replacement schedule for walls and flooring

Stained, ratty carpets or scuffed walls can make any home seem unclean and dilapidated—even those with modern and clean interior design. Follow these guidelines to know when it’s time to update or change these items out.

  • Carpets: Every 10-15 years. Telltale signs it’s time to replace your carpet include rips, tears, stains, and odors that remain even after cleaning.
  • Wall paint: Every 5-10 years. A fresh coat of paint in that time can do a lot to uplift and boost the appearance of your rooms. Also consider touching up high-traffic areas—such as staircases or hallways where luggages can scuff the walls—every 1-2 years.
  • Window treatments: Every 8 years. Look out for warped blind slats or blinds that are difficult or impossible to raise. Or, curtains that have faded or discolored from sun exposure.

At Vacasa, our local teams conduct regular property inspections to keep your vacation rental in tip top condition. For instance, after every stay our housekeeping teams confirm that appliances are working, check Wifi speeds, and even refill propane tanks for outdoor barbecue grills.

Does your vacation home needs basic repairs? Our team could handle that for you.

For larger maintenance issues, we’ll line up a vetted vendor, coordinate any logistics, handle any paperwork, and bill you for the cost afterward (or you can choose to pay the vendor directly).

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