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Get peace of mind at an affordable rate with supplemental vacation rental damage protection.

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An extra layer of security

Your peace of mind is important to us. That’s why we partner with Assurant to deliver supplemental insurance protection tailor-made for short-term rental owners.

Assurant offers you an additional layer of vacation rental damage protection—including $1 million in damage protection for your home itself (such as flooring, walls, or windows), and coverage for damage to your furnishings and valuables up to $20,000.

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Next-level owner satisfaction

How Assurant provides supplemental damage protection

Because homeowners insurance is designed for owner-occupied properties, many policies won’t cover short-term rental activity. Think of Assurant as an extra level of protection against liability and property damage. It helps fill in potential gaps, giving you what you need when you need it: added protection for your home, guests, and valuables on the nights your vacation home is booked. Under Assurant, you’ll receive:

  • $1 million in liability coverage due to owner negligence. Examples of owner negligence include broken stairs, defective railings, warped or broken flooring, etc.
  • $1 million damage protection coverage for your home
  • $20,000 in damage protection for your personal property
  • Cost-effective protection. You only pay when your home is booked—currently a nightly charge of $8.54*
  • Zero deductible, with a $50 minimum per claim
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In the past, we would often arrive at our unit and items would be missing or broken with no explanation, which always stressed us out. In April, before our arrival Vacasa notified me that a guest had broken one of the glass mirrors in the living room and it was being taken care of. This is the type of customer service we expect.
Mike M., Panama City Beach, FL

Assurant has you covered

What's protected?

  • Guest-caused property damage, including vandalism, water damage due to guest negligence, and more
  • Guest-caused damage to homeowner’s personal property, such as furniture, lamps, appliances, dishware, etc.
  • Guest injuries due to owner negligence
  • Damage to guest property due to owner negligence

What's not protected?

  • Normal wear and tear, such as faded paint or slightly worn carpet from walking
  • Damage due to inclement weather
  • Guest injury not resulting from owner negligence
  • Damage or injury that occurs outside of the rental period

Accidents happen, but you’re protected

Assurant complements the small damage waiver that Vacasa guests pay in most markets (up to $20/night, depending on the size of the vacation home).** The waiver covers accidental damage up to $2,000—excluding damage caused by smoking, pets, or criminal activity—as long as guests report the damage before checking out. This encourages guest accountability and helps us respond more quickly to accidental damage.

And in the event of damage that isn’t accidental, Assurant kicks in. It covers incidents the damage waiver doesn’t, such as damage caused by smoking or pets, intentional damage, liability, or damage that a guest doesn’t report during their stay.

This means that if a guest spills cabernet on your carpet and doesn’t let us know, we won’t have to go through a lengthy review and resolution process to recoup cleaning or replacement costs from the guest. When you have Assurant, our local manager will arrange for carpet cleaning (or replacement, if necessary), and we'll take care of immediate payment, filing the claim, and securing reimbursement. We'll handle it all directly with Assurant, creating a worry-free experience for everyone involved.

Vacation rental damage protection FAQ

Damage protection typically covers the cost of repairing or replacing your property if it's damaged by a guest at your home. By "property," we mean both your home itself (say, a cracked window) and the items in it (like a chair with a broken seat).

Not all damage protection works the same way, but with Vacasa you can receive coverage for guest-caused damage to your home or personal property, as well as guest injuries or guest property damage caused by owner negligence. It's important to know that damage protection doesn't replace homeowners insurance—the two work together to cover different scenarios that may arise when you own and rent out a vacation home.

Vacation rental damage insurance is a major safeguard against liability and property damage. In fact, we think it's so important that we require all our homeowners to have liability insurance that meets a few key requirements—namely covering the use of your home as a short-term rental. Since traditional homeowner’s insurance is designed for owner-occupied properties, most policies won’t provide adequate (if any) protection for commercial vacation rental use, and you'll want to get supplemental coverage.

While we can't speak for every company, Vacasa homeowners are charged $8.54 per night for supplemental insurance through Assurant. Even better, you only pay for Assurant coverage on the nights your home is occupied by guests. (This is, of course, in addition to the cost of whatever homeowners insurance you secure for your property.)

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*Short-term rental insurance is required for all Vacasa homeowners. We automatically provide comprehensive, affordable coverage through our partner Assurant. If you have alternate coverage and would like to opt out, you’ll need to submit an opt-out form and proof of insurance with Vacasa covered for liability claims. Otherwise, you’ll be automatically billed for Assurant coverage starting at check-in for your first reservation with Vacasa.

**Damage waivers are currently applicable for short-term Vacasa reservations located in Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Washington. We still require all guests in every market to agree to rental terms that outline responsibility for damages, and we follow up directly in the rare instances that damage does occur outside of these states. We highly encourage enrollment in Assurant in these markets for supplemental damage protection.