Frequently asked questions

Vacasa Good Neighbor protection program

This program allows our team to ensure peace of mind for our guests, homeowners, and communities. We utilize smart home technology to monitor decibel and occupancy levels in our Good Neighbor homes. This means our team will be the first to know of any possible disturbance, so we can proactively respond in a friendly way with minimal disruption to all involved.

Our Good Neighbor homes utilize decibel monitoring and/or signal detection technology. These devices monitor sustained decibels and the number of WiFi-enabled devices in or around the home (such as smartphones, computers, or tablets), respectively.

If the sustained decibel level or number of WiFi-enabled devices goes beyond the set threshold, our team will receive an alert and contact our guests right away, either by phone or in person, to ask that they respect the quiet hours and the maximum occupancy of the home. Failure to comply may result in eviction from the property without refund—but we certainly hope it won’t come to that!

No! Our smart home technology is privacy compliant. For decibel monitoring technology, this means our devices only detect decibel levels, and are not able to record sound, speech, or biometric data. For signal detection technology, this means we only monitor the number of WiFi-enabled devices in and around a home. We do not receive any personal or specific information from the devices.

The Good Neighbor program benefits everyone involved: our guests, our homeowners, and our community.

  • Our guests: We understand that you’re on vacation! If the music gets a little too loud, wouldn’t you rather hear a friendly reminder from our team than have the neighbors file an official complaint with the local authorities? We’re on your side, and want you to have the chance to turn down the volume and get on with your slightly quieter and responsibly fun time.
  • Our homeowners: You trust us with the care of your vacation home, and we are committed to keeping it safe and sound. These tools allow us to proactively reach out and protect your home, your community, and your guests at the very first sign of too much fun.
  • Our community: Being a good citizen is in our company’s DNA. It’s why we only operate in communities where vacation rentals are legally welcomed, why we love filing lodging taxes to support our local municipalities, and why we developed our Good Neighbor program! We hope this technology makes it even easier for our local team to take care of every Vacasa home.

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