Smart locks for vacation rentals

The key to making your home more secure? Vacation rental locks that keep you in control.

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smart lock for a vacation rental

The smarter way to secure your home

Vacation rental locks can be a hassle—physical key exchanges, lockboxes with permanent codes, the stress of early check-ins and overstays, you get the picture. When you invest in a smart lock for your vacation rental, you can kiss these key-related conundrums goodbye.

Smart technology gives property managers unprecedented control, allowing us to provide each guest with a unique keyless entry code, valid only for the duration of their stay. The result? More safety for your home, and a modern experience for you and your guests.

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Open the door to safer management

Our Smart Lock program is a supplemental service for Vacasa homeowners. When you sign up, we cover the cost of ordering, shipping, programming, installing, and maintaining your electronic lock. You'll cover only the cost of the hardware. That’s how much we believe in the power of home automation.

Why it pays to be smart


No more worrying about lost keys, making copies, or hiding a spare set.


Stressed about who can access your home and when? Unique reservation codes give guests access only during their stay, making this worry disappear.


Seamless keyless entry boosts guest satisfaction, while remote control saves time.

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Ready to live life without keys?

Here's how it works
Making your home smarter is easy. We find the best fit for your property and climate, then take care of ordering, installing, and maintaining your vacation rental's keyless entry system. We also manage each guest experience, providing them with unique access codes to ensure your home’s safety.

What about the cost?
In most cases, you’re only responsible for the cost of the smart lock itself—typically around $300 to $500, depending on the location of your home. We take care of everything else: the price of installation, setup, and any ongoing maintenance.

Vacation rental locks FAQ

Like many aspects of owning a vacation home, it all comes down to your personal needs and preferences. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best smart lock for your vacation rental:

  • Do you want to retain the option of using a key as a backup? Some models have a keyhole (like a regular door lock), whereas others are totally keyless. A retrofit for your existing deadbolt can be a good choice if you want to keep things simpler. With some of these models, you keep the exterior door hardware as-is and just replace the interior side, so you don't even need new keys.
  • How much effort do you want to put into installation? Retrofitting your existing deadbolt is the way to go if you prefer to keep DIY effort to a minimum. But, the majority of smart lock models replace your entire door hardware, so you'll have more options to choose from if you're willing to put in a little extra elbow grease.
  • What technology works best for you? There are a few different connectivity options—including WiFi, Bluetooth, and low-power radio waves known as Z-wave. Some locks can also connect to an app on your phone, if that's important to you.

At Vacasa, we prefer specific models of Yale and Schlage locks that use Z-wave technology. We find that these offer the most streamlined guest experience.

Some do, but not all. One drawback of a WiFi-enabled model is that the battery life tends to drain faster, so if that's important for you to avoid, try a model with Z-wave (which connects to the internet via a hub) or Bluetooth technology. If you don't want to rely on WiFi or the internet at all, consider going Bluetooth-only—though keep in mind that these devices can have a more limited range.

A smart lock has some strong safety advantages over other types of vacation rental locks. If you're used to leaving a spare key under your doormat, or you regularly worry about a guest taking home a spare key by mistake, installing a smart lock is a no-brainer.

You can lock and unlock the door to your home from anywhere, and grant access to certain visitors—and only them—when you want to. A smart lock also gives you the added reassurance that your house key won't be copied, since you won't be handing out physical keys to your guests.

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