Short-term rental compliance is the foundation of good business

By monitoring how regulations change across our vacation rental markets, Vacasa helps homeowners rent securely.

To ensure that our owners' homes are compliant with local laws and regulations around short-terms rentals (STRs), Vacasa has two teams that track local ordinances: the Short-Term Rental Research Team and our Compliance Team.

The Short-Term Rental Research Team helps you understand eligibility before you rent

Our Short-Term Rental Research team digs into researching local ordinances related to Airbnb and short-term rental operations. They can help point you in the right direction to whether a particular home is eligible for management as a short-term rental under local ordinances and zoning restrictions.

In some cases, homeowners may learn that their home is eligible for short-term renting—provided a trustworthy, local vacation rental manager like Vacasa is on their side.

The Compliance Team keeps you informed about changes while you’re open for business

When a Vacasa homeowner needs to renew their short-term rental licenses, permits, or registrations, the Compliance Team is there to lend a hand.

On top of that, our Compliance Team also assists Vacasa homeowners with conforming to new requirements brought on by local governments’ additions to STR ordinances.

STR Compliance FAQs

Each market has its own short-term rental regulations. In rare cases, a market may be completely unregulated—though this is highly unusual.

In either case, homeowners looking to rent should consider the laws on the books and the potential for additional ordinances to impact their home. Our dedicated team can point homeowners and buyers in the direction of available resources that can help them determine whether their property is eligible for short-term rental use—and what regulations may apply to that area.

The cost and necessity of a short-term rental registration or license depends on where that short-term rental is located.

Short-term rental licenses or permits range from as low as $50 up to several hundreds of dollars or more. Consider, too, that other fees and taxes may be associated with operating a short-term rental. We recommend getting in touch with a local expert to learn more about the short-term rental registration laws and regulatory landscape in your neighborhood.

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Yes, absolutely. One of the benefits of our hybrid, full-service vacation rental management is that our on-the-ground property managers work closely with our central Compliance Team to alert them of new regulations in a market.

From there, we can quickly share the news and next steps with our homeowners. Additionally, homeowners who receive a notice regarding a new ordinance can rely on our experienced team to assist them in navigating the changes and new requirements.

Whether Vacasa can pay for a vacation rental permit and license on behalf of a homeowner depends on the ordinance.

If we are handling a homeowner’s permit renewal, we are usually able to pay the associated fee (though the owner is ultimately responsible for license or permit fees). If we are able to pay on their behalf, we’ll bill the cost to the homeowner’s next statement.

We strive to protect vacation rental owners’ right to rent their homes and defend guests' rights to choose the accommodation that best suits their travel.

Advocacy is essential for us because it drives tourism, tax revenue, and additional economic benefits in communities where limitations may hinder opportunity. That's why we established a short-term rental advocacy program that advocates for homeowners like you.

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Yes—we’re all about helping you protect your home.

Because we manage your property locally, we can ensure that any items required to be in and around your home are present and in compliance with local laws and regulations.

In some cases, a business license is also required to operate, but we find that short-term rental-specific permits and licenses are more common. This will depend entirely on local regulations.

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