Buy a vacation home with help from the pros

Our network of local and national real estate experts can help you find and purchase a vacation home—then get it rental-ready and generating income. Call 888-337-6430 or provide your contact information and we’ll get in touch.


Expert support every step of the way

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Unmatched proprietary data

With more than 35,000 vacation rentals under our management, we’re uniquely positioned to offer the tools and resources you need when buying a vacation home, from guides on where to buy to a ROI calculator customizable to your needs.

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Specialized agents

When you’re ready to start your search, our Vacasa agents can guide you through overall vacation rental trends, income projections, and opportunities to set you up for success. Plus, they have exclusive access to a database of rental-ready listings.

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Vacation rental management

Once you’ve purchased your home, we can help you get it rental-ready, then handle everything from creating the listing to handling guest’s late-night calls.

Evenly groomed back yard of a vacation rental with an outdoor pool and outdoor hot tub in Palm Springs, CA

Identify the right location

When you're choosing where to invest, our national team can provide a holistic overview of the vacation rental real estate market and identify the best opportunities to buy a vacation home. Based on your budget, financing options, and personal interests, we'll suggest specific locations and provide market data such as average home cost and average annual short-term rental income.

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The agents at Vacasa Real Estate go out of their way to find a perfect vacation home. Their flexibility was essential, since we came from two hours away to look at homes. They know the community very well and were able to find us vacation homes in our price range.
Mark K.
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Crunch the numbers

Download our vacation rental real estate calculator (XLS), which helps you factor cap rate, cash on cash, annual net operating income, and more.

Tools and advice for buying a vacation home

Vacation rental exterior in Sonoma
Our ultimate guide to investing in vacation rentals
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Vacation home financing options
Vacation rental balcony in Vancouver, WA overlooking the Columbia river
How to buy a vacation home out of state

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