Buy a vacation home

Our national and local teams will help you with every step, from deciding where to buy to managing your rental.
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Identify the right location

When you're choosing where to invest, our national team can provide a holistic overview of the vacation rental real estate market and identify the best opportunities for your investment.

Based on your purchase budget, financing options, and personal interests, we'll suggest specific locations and provide market data such as average home cost and average annual short-term rental income.

Get started today with our insider's guide to the top U.S. vacation rental markets.

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Make an informed investment

Once you've selected a location, we'll connect you with a local vacation rental expert in our network to provide invaluable on-the-ground insights.

Our local experts will provide custom rental income projections and cap rates for specific properties, so you get an accurate estimate of your earning potential. We can also identify the improvements you could make to increase a vacation home's profitability, so you make the smartest possible investment.

Learn more about buying a vacation rental with Vacasa Real Estate.

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Crunch the numbers

Download our real estate investment calculator (XLS) to factor cap rate, cash on cash, annual net operating income, and more.

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Leave the legwork to us

Once you’ve settled on the perfect property, our interior design team can make furnishing your new home a fun and stress-free experience. When you're ready to start renting, our local management team will handle the permitting process, tax registration, photography, and all the other details required to get your vacation home up, running, and earning.

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