Vacasa reviews

Find answers to some commonly asked questions from Vacasa homeowners regarding our guest reviews.

How do Vacasa guest reviews work?

Guest reviews are vital to help the homeowners we represent, help future travelers find their next vacation rental, and help Vacasa and our local teams deliver even better experiences.

Who’s allowed to leave a review on

Guests who book directly with Vacasa—or through and Vrbo—can leave a review of their stay on

When can guests submit reviews and when are they published?

Vacasa guests have up to 30 days after check-out to submit a review. The review is then published onto on the home’s listing within one day, but can take up to 14 additional days if follow-up is needed.

Guests can leave a review through Trip Manager on their Vacasa account.

How does Vacasa encourage guests to leave reviews?

Vacasa requests reviews via email and SMS, encouraging guests to review their stay while it’s still top of mind. Guests can also rate specific areas of their stay, such as cleanliness, property condition and service.

Are Vacasa reviews moderated?

We encourage honest and transparent communication from our guests. Vacasa doesn’t moderate any reviews. However, a review may be removed if it violates our review guidelines, reveals personal information, or harms the safety and security of guests, homeowners or Vacasa staff.

A review may be removed if it includes:

  • Profanity or other offensive material
  • Personally information of guests, owners or Vacasa employees
  • Addresses or location of the vacation rental
  • Information not relevant to the vacation rental, listing, or overall experience
Delivering the best guest experience
The dining area and kitchen of an elegant lakefront vacation rental in Laclede, Idaho.
An elegant living room with farm house modern design at a vacation rental in Laclede, Idaho.
The living room of a vacation rental in Idaho overlooking a lake.

How does Vacasa respond to negative reviews and guest feedback?

We appreciate all feedback—good or bad. Our goal is to respond to any negative review within 24 hours. If we need to fix any issues or items prior to responding, it can take up to 14 days.

If a review mentions broken or missing items, our local team will work on a solution, such as arranging inspections or making needed repairs.

How are Vacasa reviews ranked?

Guest reviews are displayed newest to oldest, based on when the review was submitted.

Can homeowners ask for a review to be removed?

Yes, homeowners can ask for a review to be removed. However, we can’t guarantee its removal without justification, such as violating our review guidelines.

Homeowner tips to get better guest reviews

There are several ways to boost reviews and get more 5-star ratings. Here are some expert-backed tips:

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