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About Altomonte

As you stroll through the narrow streets filled with ancient buildings recalling historic events, the town of Altomonte, Italy is a place to sing about. The charming cobblestone streets, piazzas, and welcoming people mix together to form a recipe for an amazing vacation. Boasting historic sites, rolling hills covered in vineyards, and a unique ambiance that provides the ideal spot for visitors to lose themselves.

Whether you're coming with a big group to learn about the rich culture, taste through the enticing local flavors on a romantic getaway, or travel through the city as a solo adventurer, our vacation rentals in Altomonte welcome everyone!

Where is Altomonte, Italy?

Set in the majestic hills of the Calabria region of Southern Italy, you'll be about 170 miles south of the iconic city of Sorrento and a scenic drive and ferry ride from Lipari, Sicily. This quiet town offers you the chance to unwind in the beauty of the Italian countryside while being close enough to major metropolitan areas for a bit of the Italian nightlife. 

Things to Do and See in Altomonte

Filled with sweeping vistas, tucked-away ristorantes, and unique shops, Altomonte is the ideal spot to simply wander through and experience the charm on your own. Boasting the nickname "The Wedding City", you'll be able to snap memory-making pictures of the famed Pellegrino mountains and the valley of the Esaro River. Steal a quiet moment as the sun sets and turns the city into a beautiful shade of amber right before your eyes. 

Visit the Gothic-style church that overlooks the city dedicated to Santa Maria della Consolazione. Inside, you'll find one-of-a-kind works of art, including a sepulcher of the one-time owner of the church, Filippo Sangiento. If you want to see more, head over to the local museum to see some of the pieces that have been restored and preserved. 

Plan a day to visit the welcoming wineries to taste the little-known local favorite, Balbini. This crisp white wine pairs perfectly with the warm Southern Italian day, and offers a refreshing citrus style, while many of the local red wines feature a robust, earthy profile that will compliment the signature meat dishes seamlessly. While this area may not get the worldwide recognition for its wine that it deserves, there are countless gems waiting to be discovered. 

From their Great Festival of Bread in May to the celebration of wine and jazz in September, each month is filled with festivals and gatherings that fill the streets with laughter and fun. Our vacation rentals in this small Italian hamlet offer you the chance to be enveloped in the local culture. You might seriously consider starting a new chapter and settling down on a nearby vineyard!

Day Trips from Altomonte

Take a day trip to dive into a truly amazing experience when you book your adventure of river rafting on the Lao river. Reserve your spot on a guided tour that takes you through the wonders that are being discovered in the archeological digs going on at the ancient site Sibari. 

Taste your way through the renown wine-producing region of Cirò and find a new favorite red to love. Swirl a glass of rich red Gaglioppo or a light and refreshing taste of the white Greco. The perfect spot for wine lovers and foodies to come indulge their palates, Altomonte features something for everyone. 

Treat yourself to a trip that is filled with romance, charm, and historical sites that will surround you with endless possibilities for fun. Make your vacation memories in one of our rentals in the sun-kissed southern Italian village of Altomonte and fall in love with the culture and the people.

Photo Credit: dplastino via Flickr