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About Lipari

Off the northern coast of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea, lay a string of islands called the Aeolian Islands. Lipari, the largest of the string, is home to the town of the same name.

The town of Lipari is a well-traveled vacation destination between May to September and offers visitors charming streets, an ancient castle fortress, and a beautiful harbor. The early volcanic beginnings of this popular town are evident from its thermal springs, fumaroles, and remnants of pumice still present on its terrain.

Large enough to not feel overrun by tourists, yet possessing a small-town feel, Lipari is a must-see when you visit southern Italy. And staying in one of our lovely vacation homes will only enhance your Italian dream vacation.

Where is Lipari, Italy?

Lipari is situated just off the northeastern point of Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and northwest of the toe of Italy's "boot". Only 30 miles from the port town of Milazzo, this busy burg is surrounded by the sparkling waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Due to a great location and the ease with which visitors can travel to and from by boat, our vacation rentals on Lipari are an ideal home base when visiting the Aeolian Islands. 

Things to Do in Lipari

The first order of business after arriving in Lipari and getting settled is to explore its charming streets lined with classic Italian buildings adorned with flower pots and laundry hung out to dry. Mingle with the friendly locals, sample delicious wine, and learn the lay of the land.

During your explorations, you'll undoubtedly encounter the citadel, which was once the heart of town. To allow easy access to the cathedral within it, city officials made the decision to penetrate the walls of the citadel and allow a passageway in. Once inside, be sure to visit the museum that is spread throughout the citadel in several different buildings. 

Spend some time at Marina Corta, Lipari's busy harbor. Here, you'll be able to lounge, soak up the sun, and sip a cool beverage while you observe a typical day in the life of Liparians: old men conversing, fishing boats approaching and departing, children playing, and dogs roaming. 

Head a bit north of town and take a hike up Monte Rosa, a large, circular bluff. At the top, you'll be treated to nice views of Canneto, the easternmost town on the island of Lipari and of Lipari town itself. The walk is somewhat lengthy, so be sure to allow enough time - about three hours - and take plenty of water. 

And of course, a trip to anywhere in Italy must include plenty of time spent leisurely savoring mouthwatering Italian cuisine and delectable Italian wine. Treat yourself to a meal on the terrace right at the water's edge at Al Pirata on Marina Corta before heading back to finish a romantic evening in your private vacation rental. At the center of town, try Eden Bar for satisfying food and drinks and world-class hospitality.

Getting Around in Lipari

Lipari is well-equipped to get you where you need to go via its reliable and friendly taxi service. For a fee, taxi drivers sometimes also act as tour guides and will drive you around the island offering fascinating insider information on the island's history and terrain, complete with stop-offs for viewing and picture taking. 

While not as thorough or personal, Lipari also has a bus system to get you from point A to point B during your stay. Take the bus to an area called "Quattrocchi," meaning "four eyes," the idea being that to truly take in the gorgeous view of Lipari and Vulcano, you would need four eyes. 

If you want to venture out farther, take a boat excursion to nearby islands. Stromboli is the most visited, where you can view active volcano eruptions from the water. And while it is not possible to travel directly from Lipari to the stunning Italian island of Sardinia, when you're this close, why not make arrangements for an overnight stay at one of our charming vacation rentals for an authentic Italian experience. 

Considering Lipari's charm, beautiful terrain, and sparkling waters, as well as its fascinating history and easy access to other islands, a visit to this lovely town is sure to leave you enchanted. Make your stay is that much better by choosing one of our homey vacation rentals to serve as your home away from home. 

Photo Credit: Patrick Nouhailler via Flickr