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About Venice

It's hard to hear the name Venice without imagining blue canals, stripe-clad gondola drivers, fantastic cuisine, and the romance of a 15th-century love story. Luckily, you can still find all these beautiful experiences (in this century, of course) when you stay in one of our Venice vacation rentals!

Although smaller than the capital city of Rome, Venice is a popular destination and considered to be one of the most-frequented tourist sites on the planet with an estimated 50,000 visitors per day. Venice thrives on art, architecture, and intrigue. Whether you're planning a romantic rendezvous, an educational European adventure, or a family-friendly getaway, you'll find that unforgettable experiences await in this floating city! 

History of Venice

From the middle ages until the 15th century, Venice was the most prosperous city in Europe, filled with rich families trying to outcompete each other with fancy buildings, world-class art, outlandish parties, and trading. Venice was the birthplace of Antonio Vivaldi, a Baroque composer, and several artistic movements trace their origins to this unique city. 

War and the Black Death lead to Venice's eventual decline in the 15th century. However, modern Venice has regained some of its glamour and prestige. Today, you'll find that there's plenty to see and do here!

Things to Do in Venice

Functioning as the life vein of Venice, the Grand Canal has been a major highway of sorts for centuries. Lined with stunning Venetian architecture, famous palazzos, museums, and lovely bridges like the Ponte dell'Accademia, you can more or less use the Grand Canal as your starting point for most Venetian adventures! Visit the Peggy Guggenheim Collection for a glimpse of some world-renowned art or simply gaze at the hustle and bustle below from Ponte di Rialto. After spending your day exploring the city, return home to your comfortable Venice vacation rental and plan tomorrow's adventures! 

At the end of the Grand Canal, the Piazza San Marco, or St. Mark's Square, awaits as the age-old epicenter of commerce and social life in Venice. With the lagoon on one side for easy shipping and trading, plus the expansive space itself for spreading out, Piazza San Marco has seen more than its fair share of action. 

Venice is known for its glasswork so make sure to pick up a souvenir or two during your stay! Head to the small island of Murano to see how artisans craft Venetian glass and Murano glass in the same workshops and using the same techniques that they've used since the 13th century. 

St. Mark's Basilica, Venice's most famous church, stands tall on the eastern side of the Piazza and is nearly 1,000 years old. With gorgeous gold mosaics and overwhelming interior, St. Mark's Basilica is truly a must-see! When visiting St. Mark's Basilica, or many of Italy's other famous religious landmarks, make sure to dress modestly. The Torre dell'Orologio is also a very special sight to behold and its the clock tower offers stunning views of the surrounding area.

Destinations Near Venice

Exploring the area from one of our Venice vacation rentals will be exciting with plenty of options for trips nearby this beautiful city. The towns of Padua and Verona each have unique histories of their own (Romeo and Juliet was set in Verona), as well as fantastic Northeastern Italian cuisine like Valpolicella wine, Asiago cheese, and Tiramisu. Fashionable Milan is considered the fashion capital of the world, but it is also home to Italy's stock exchange. 

Lake Garda, Italy's biggest lake, beckons on the western edge of Veneto as a mecca for water sports. For sparkling blue water and dazzling views of the Alps, head to beautiful Lake Como and, if you are looking to explore even more of Europe, you can even easily cross the border to Switzerland from this northern destination! During the winter, the majestic mountain range of the Dolomites to the north has fantastic skiing and snowboarding options. 

Are you ready for the mystery and beauty of Venice? Find out for yourself and stay in one of our Venice vacation rentals!