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About Spain

From the Pyrenees to the Costa del Sol, from the Canary Islands to the Galician Massif, from the long-disputed Basque region to the bustling streets of Madrid and Barcelona, Spain delights the senses. This is where paella, Rioja, and flamenco were born after all, and where they still thrive hundreds of years later.

Fiestas, Moorish architecture, vineyards, lime trees, and olive groves abound throughout this varied and dynamic land. It's no wonder more than 60 million people visit each year to gasp in awe at the Sagrada Familia, take part in the Running of the Bulls, and admire the Muslim majesty of the Alhambra. You should, too! Head to one our Spain vacation rentals for a cultural getaway that will have you chanting "Yo soy Español" in no time. 

Spain has had an interesting, if turbulent, history. The Phoenicians, Greeks, and Carthaginians were the first known settlers before the Romans entered the Iberian peninsula in 200 BC. The Moors swept into Hispania from North Africa in 711, renaming the land Al-Andalus. They ruled for 700 years and introduced advances in science, math, education, and medicine. Today, the country is a democracy and a constitutional monarchy enjoying a cultural renaissance. 

Spain is divided into 50 provinces and 17 regions, each with an autonomous flavor, topography, cuisine, and culture. Our Spain vacation rentals offer the best home base to explore these varied and unique regions. 

Photo credit: Kyle Taylor via Flickr