Montevideo District Vacation Rentals

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About Montevideo District

From the tranquility of the rural north to the beaches of the southern coast, our vacation homes in Uruguay have plenty to offer to travelers eager for adventure and exploration in South America. One of the most important regions is also the smallest: the department of Montevideo. Covering the densely populated capital city of the country as well as outlying rural areas, the Montevideo region has urban hustle and bustle, countryside relaxation, and gorgeous beaches to please every traveler.

The Heart of Montevideo

Easily the most important stop in the region is its nominal city. As the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo houses around one-third of the small nation's population. There's a good reason 1.3 million Uruguayans call this city home: it has something for everyone. From soft sandy beaches near the bustling port to an architecturally and culturally varied downtown, there's plenty of amazing sights and experiences right out your front door just waiting to be discovered. When you're staying in your own vacation rental, there's no wrong way to experience this vibrant city - from walking and bus tours of the city's history to simply sitting back and relaxing in a streetside cafe, you're sure to find something to take back with you! 

Beaches and Small Towns in Montevideo

There's more to the Montevideo district than just the cities, though! From beaches like Playa Verde and Playa Honda to the east and Playa del Nacional to the west, it's easy to bask in some sunshine and take it easy on soft, sandy shores. Farther inland, meanwhile, lay three low-key towns just waiting to be explored - Pajas Blancas in the west, with its nearby wineries and a famous spa alongside white sandy dunes, the river delta village of Santiago Vázquez, where you'll enjoy peace and relaxation along the banks of the Rio Santa Lucia, and lastly the tiny town of Colón Sudeste to the north, which houses less than a thousand residents and boasts a truly tranquil atmosphere.

Attractions and Tours in Montevideo

If you're not familiar with Mercado del Puerto, you're in for a treat - this market has live music, all varieties of meat and grilled vegetables, plus wine and beers for one of the more delicious you'll eat on your trip - just the smells will make your mouth water! For a more conventional (though no less impressive) market. visit Montevideo's famous Agricultural Market in the beautiful historic building.

Of course, there's a ton of history around the area, as well. You might sign up for a tour with a guide to explore Independence Plaza and Parliament Palace, as well as venture into various neighborhoods where you'll learn about the history of barrios and the beautiful architecture throughout the city. In the evening, catch a performance or musical show at the Solis Theatre. 

When it comes to choosing your next Vacasa rental, there are plenty of places in South America worthy of consideration. From the vibrant sights of Chile's capital of Santiago, to the seaside city of Valparaíso and the nightlife, beaches, and resort atmosphere of Uruguay's own Punta del Este there are loads of places that make for a great getaway. These attractions shouldn't overshadow the rich urban adventures and quiet countryside relaxation waiting for you in the Montevideo District, though, which may be exactly what you need!

Photo Credit: Alejandro Dagnino via Flickr