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About Puyehue

Ecotourism thrives in and around Puyehue of the Los Lagos region, where several national parks and features rise out of the wilderness, calling to those seeking adventure in the great outdoors. Whether you're looking to hike the trails through rainy, temperate forests, climb snow-capped volcanoes, or race down raging rivers in a kayak or raft, Puyehue is the ideal base camp from which all these things and more are possible and easily accessible. Stay in one of our vacation rentals to get the true Puyehue experience!

Where is Puyehue?

Puyehue is a commune in the Los Lagos region of Chile. It is located along Puyehue Lake, just north of Rupanco Lake, and west of the Andes and Argentina beyond. This commune is administered by the town of Entre Lagos on the southwest shore of Puyehue Lake, right on Route 215. Those flying into Osorno of Los Lagos can easily take Route 215 directly into Puyehue just 30 miles away.

Things to Do In and Around Puyehue

A section of the commune of Puyehue is within the Puyehue National Park, a protected biosphere reserve spread out over 220,000 acres. Visit the thermal springs, volcanoes, waterfalls, rivers, and dense forests throughout Chile's most visited national park.

If you're looking for a little waterborne excitement, Puyehue Lake and Rupanco Lake both offer beaches, islands brimming with native wildlife, and fantastic fishing. If you're out in a boat, kayak, or canoe, keep your eyes out for red deer, fallow deer, mouflon, and pheasant that call the many islands home. Or cast a line into the water and try your hand at catching varieties of trout. 

For a truly relaxing day, recline on the fine sand beach and splash in the waters of Mantilhue along the northern shore of Puyehue Lake, just 11 miles from the heart of Entre Lagos.

And while the lure of the surrounding wilderness may well dictate the bulk of your daily adventures, those looking to shop and dine can find options throughout Entre Lagos including Restaurant Miraflores and Borde Sur Bar Restaurant for Chilean fare, and Fogon Puyehue for superb steaks.

Day Trips from Puyehue

Break away from Puyehue and pay a visit to downtown Osorno, 30 miles east. Located right on the Rahue River, Osorno is a city proudly displaying art and architecture from different centuries and cultures. Explore the 18th-century Reina Luisa Fort on the river, peruse the many exhibits at the Museo Histórico Municipal, and visit the neo-Gothic San Mateo Cathedral.

You'll also find a number of restaurants, specialty stores, and open-air street markets like the Mercado Central de Osorno, which is a great place to stock up on staples, sample some local delicacies, and pick up a few souvenirs for friends and family back home. Be sure to pick out some fresh, local ingredients to spice up your cooking in your rental kitchen!

You don't have to wear a dusty fedora, carry a bullwhip, or be a devilishly handsome archaeologist to explore the incredible Patagonian wilderness found throughout Puyehue. Set out on your next exciting adventure with one of our charming Puyehue vacation rentals!

Photo Credit: Jean Maureen via Flickr