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About Pucatrihue
Chile's lake country is famous for unique cuisine, towering volcanoes, and stunning freshwater beauty - but these are far from the only things the region has to offer. If you venture westward towards the coast, you'll find the small seaside town of Pucatrihue. Between the stunning natural beauty and lovely attractions waiting in town, our Pucatrihue vacation rentals offer more than enough to vacationers looking for something different in southern Chile.

Life in Pucatrihue

With a population of less than 200, Pucatrihue is the perfect place in Los Lagos for those looking to relax in peace and quiet. The town sits on the coast where the Llesquehue River meets the ocean, about 40 miles west of Osorno and Route 5.

The town's main draw is a spa resort that lets you unwind surrounded by the beauty of the area. Afterwards, head south for a filling meal at Restaurant El Gigante before retiring to your vacation home for a good night's sleep. You're sure to enjoy the relaxing pace of local life.

Natural Beauty by Pucatrihue

The long stretch of soft, sandy beach in Pucatrihue is the perfect place to lay out a beach towel and relax with a good book. But you owe it to yourself to take a stroll along the shoreline and admire its one-of-a-kind qualities. For one thing, the beach lies between the mouths of two rushing rivers, with Llesquehue River emptying to the north and Tranallaquin River lying near the sand dunes to the south. On clear days, look towards the rocky Huelao Granny rock to spot Patagonian penguins!

Lounge on the beach, melt your stress away at the spa, or grab a surf board and fishing rod for exploring the sea - how you spend your incredible Pucatrihue getaway is all up to you. Ensure your trip is as comfortable as possible by reserving a stay in one of our Pucatrihue vacation rentals today!

Photo Credit: Claudio Alvarado Solari via Flickr
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