Tarapacá Region Vacation Rentals

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About Tarapacá Region

Pristine sugar-sand beaches, world-class fishing, and a seemingly endless array of historical sites are all waiting to be experienced in the picturesque destination of Chilé's Tarapacá Region. The perfect spot for outdoor lovers to explore the terrain, fishermen to land a trophy catch, and history buffs looking to learn about the rich and storied past, the Tarapacá Region has something for everyone. 

Whether you're looking to tackle the iconic hikes, take a deep sea fishing adventure, or simply wander through the vibrant streets and taste the local flavors, lifelong memories are waiting around every corner. Make sure your trip to Tarapacá is everything you desire by staying in one of our vacation rentals.

Where is Tarapacá Region?

Chile's Tarapacá Region lies in the northern end of the country, sandwiched between the sapphire blue Pacific Ocean and the beautiful country of Bolivia. Though it's not brimming with lakes like Los Lagos, or as notably familiar as Santiago, this area is set far away from many of the busier tourist spots and gives you the chance to explore the stunning landscape with ease. Hugging the northern Coast of Chilé, and bordering the most northern province of Arica, peace and tranquility will be added amenities to your stay.

Things to Do in Tarapacá Region

Pick up a bag of fresh guavas and mangoes from one of the local vendors, then head down to the beaches of Playa Cavancha to claim your own slice of sun-soaked paradise. Dive into the ripe, juicy fruit and then hit the waves with a surfing lesson, or maybe try your hand at kite surfing for a new thrill. Paddle along the shore in a rented kayak, stand-up paddleboard, or canoe to observe the coast from a different perspective. 

Book a trip to the sweeping dunes of Geoglifos de Pintados desert on a guided tour and find the perfect spot to capture the beauty with a panoramic picture. Learn about the ancient geoglyphs, desert wildlife, and how the region was formed from your knowledgeable guides, then check out the long-abandoned saltpeter mills from the once-bustling industry.

Start your sightseeing tour at the Corbeta Esmeralda Museum to see the towering replica ship and take in a piece of Chilean history. Filled with stories about navigators, explorers, and seafarers, this museum gives history buffs the chance to wander through the ship. Head over to the hallowed halls of the Iquique Municipal Theater to see the stunning architecture and revel in the pleasant acoustics offered by the design. 

Fun Daytrips & Closeby Fun 

Take a trip out into the desert for a fun-filled day of downhill mountain biking along the dunes with a guided tour. If you want to take things up a notch, leave the bike behind and get on one of the converted snowboards to shred the sands of the Chilean desert (make sure your friends have a camera to catch your moves!). 

Push your adrenaline to the limits with some paragliding as you take in the views from up above. If your visit coincides with the frequent celebrations in La Tirana or San Lorenzo, you'll get the chance to see the city come alive with national pride and an expression of the local culture. Make sure to treat yourself to a plate of fresh seafood at one of the seaside grills and watch the waves while you slip into vacation mode. 

Plan a tour around the sites of Iquique to see the Mars Valley, the natural landmark of the Giant of Atacama, and then soak in the hot springs in Chusmiza. With experienced guides available to customize itinerary to suit the needs of your group, the possibilities for discovery and fun are endless. 

Fill your days with relaxing seaside moments, hikes through the mesmerizing countryside, and surround yourself with the stress-free lifestyle that embodies the personality of Chilé. Treat yourself to a stay in one of our Tarapacá Region vacation rentals and make life-long memories for everyone.

Photo Credit: Mariano Mantel via Flickr