Stand out with these luxury vacation rental amenities

Command a higher rate and attract more guests


There are vacation rentals. Then, there are luxury vacation rentals. The homes that exude an exclusive experience right from their listing description and photos. And, the ones that guests are willing to pay more to stay at.

The good news? Any vacation home can be turned into a luxury experience. You don’t have to build a wine cellar, an indoor movie theater, or install heated floors to command top dollar. We’ve rounded up several amenities you can invest in today to make your vacation rental more luxurious.

1. Smart home technology

With so many people installing smart home devices in their own homes, it’s not unusual for guests to expect them while on vacation. Not to mention that these tech-savvy guests have come to expect contactless experiences while on the road. Smart home tech delivers a bunch of benefits—mainly, a seamless stay for them, less worries for you.

Some devices to consider:

  • Keyless locks
  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart lights
  • Noise monitors (these devices tip you off to a potential noisy gathering by measuring overall noise levels)

When vacation homeowners work with Vacasa, we’ll cover the costs of a keyless lock, customized WiFi router, and a noise monitoring system.

2. Home gym

No fitness center? No problem. You can easily recreate a gym experience for your active guests. Set up spare room or garage and outfit it with:

  • A large mirror
  • Yoga mats
  • Medicine balls
  • Hand weights
  • Jump ropes
  • A smart speaker

Want to go even more high-end? You can consider larger workout equipment, such as an:

  • Exercise bike
  • Treadmill
  • The Mirror interactive home gym, which comes with a range of trainer-led classes and workouts

3. Game room

Have a spare room, loft space, or garage? Create a space just for entertainment and play that could entice guests of all ages (who said children get to have all the fun?). You can make it feel more indulgent by investing in bigger games, like life-size Connect Four, an air hockey table, or a vintage arcade game.

Here are some ideas to stock your game room:

  • Magnetic dart board
  • Cards
  • Ping pong
  • Air hockey
  • Foosball
  • Pool table
  • Board games
  • Smart TV or streaming device
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Pinball machines
  • Nintendo Switch or PlayStation and games
  • Arcade game consoles

4. Vacation rental safe

Help guests keep their valuables protected while staying in your vacation home. Include a vacation rental safe in the master bedroom or one of the closets so guests can lock up what’s most important to them while out and about.

5. Luxury interior design

It takes just a single glance to decide if a vacation home is luxurious or not—all thanks to how it’s decorated. When it comes to commanding top dollar for your vacation home, style matters. Here are some do’s and don’ts to get you started:

  • Don’t buy cheap plastic and particle board furniture.
  • Do invest in high-quality, sturdy materials like solid wood or POLYWOOD® lumber for outdoor furniture.
  • Don’t get matching bed ensembles (bed-in-a-bag sets) or generic art.
  • Do blend various textures to create a luxurious, layered design.
Modern vacation rental management

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6. Indoor fireplace and outdoor fire pit

Whether it’s the cozy warmth or the captivating flames, a fireplace or fire pit draws in guests like a magnet. In fact, fireplaces are a top sought-after amenity on

Make sure to provide a starter firewood supply, instructions how to operate the fireplace or fire pit safely, plus any other necessary supplies like a fireplace poker or s'mores kits. (Don’t forget: Electric fireplaces can feel just as lavish.)

7. Outdoor living space

“Outdoor spaces are hugely important to attract guests and to elevate their experience,” says Kimberly White, Vacasa’s Head of Home Quality and Standards. Whether you have a patio or a backyard deck, first consider how guests would like to use your space. For smaller balconies, providing a comfortable patio set will make it easier for guests to dine alfresco. If you have a larger space to play with, guests will likely want to lay out and sunbathe. So, purchase chaise lounges instead of stackable chairs.

Kimberly advises investing in pieces made of POLYWOOD® lumber and Sunbrella® fabrics, which are weather resistant and ultra-durable, and have long-lasting color. Plus, don’t forget to decorate your space with colorful outdoor rugs, lighting, and storage for tucking away pillows and cushions during the off-season.

8. Pool or hot tub

The quintessential luxuries at either a vacation rental or a hotel, pools and hot tubs can instantly elevate a property from standard to a stand-out. In fact, both are some of the top sought-after amenities on If deciding between two similar vacation home options, a guest’s dream of unwinding in a bubbling hot tub can tip the scales.

These amenities are a boon to your bottomline, too. Vacation rentals with hot tubs make an average of 15–20% more than properties without them. Even better—in some markets our Vacasa team will help with regular maintenance, including testing the water, balancing chemical levels, and checking for wear and tear.

Don’t forget to clearly state any safety rules, along with operating instructions.

9. Workspace and office supplies

With the rise in remote work, it’s common for guests to travel with their laptops in tow. Create a space for them to take video calls, answer emails, and get work done. Be creative—consider that quiet corner upstairs or even repurposing a big walk-in closet. Then, provide all the comforts of a home office. Some items to buy to make sure your guests are well-equipped:

  • Office chair
  • Sticky notes
  • Pens
  • Paper and notebooks
  • Extra computer monitor

10. Central air conditioning

When things heat up, guests are often willing to pay more to stay cool. In fact, central A/C is another highly sought-after amenity on While there are more cost-effective cooling methods—like powerful ceiling fans or window air conditioning units—most guests prefer central A/C.

Adding luxury amenities to your vacation home can help you command a higher rate and attract more guests—ultimately leading to higher earnings. However luxury doesn’t necessarily require renovations or shelling out thousands of dollars. In the vacation rental industry, even offering small indulgences can make your home feel lavish. Use this list to slowly upgrade your home to something worth splurging on.

Luxury amenities FAQ

There are many ways to make your vacation rental stand out from the competition. Here are some simple ways to start:

  • Provide extra amenities that cater to whomever is likely to book your vacation home. For instance, to attract more families, offer items like high chairs, play pens, and break-resistant dinnerware.
  • Think beyond pretty patterns and colors when decorating your vacation rental. Consider who you’re designing for, anticipate how guests will use your space, select durable materials that can withstand multiple uses, and stay away from outdated trends (ahem, matching furniture sets).
  • Invest in professional vacation rental photos. Flattering photos are vital to capturing a guest’s attention in the first place. Hire a pro photographer who’s skilled at shooting real estate or interior design. (Vacasa conducts a professional photo shoot of your entire home at no extra cost.)

From bedroom mirrors to coffee tables, cooking utensils to fluffy towels, stocking a vacation rental with all the must-haves can be a tedious (and seemingly endless) task.

Make the process easier by using our room-by-room checklists for your bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Or, download our ultimate vacation home inventory checklist so you’ll know exactly which essentials to include throughout your vacation home.

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