Should you allow pets in your vacation rental?

Yes. Find out how welcoming dogs into your vacation home increases your income.


For many, dogs are less like pets and more like important members of the family. They’re best friends and constant companions, helping cultivate love, warmth, and joy. And, according to the data, no one likes to leave their four-legged family members behind when they travel.

The number of guests traveling with dogs is increasing year over year. According to a recent survey we conducted about guests’ travel plans, more than a third of pet owners want to take their furry friends with them when they hit the road. However, less than 25% of vacation rentals are willing to accommodate pet owners, and we saw a 6% decline in pet-friendly rentals nationwide in 2020. With so many guests searching for dog-friendly vacation rentals, switching over may be the competitive edge you need to earn more.

Why you should allow pets at your vacation rental

Fast facts:

  1. On average, vacation homes that allow pets have 10–20% higher rental income than those that don’t.
  2. Homes that allow dogs also see higher occupancy—6% more nights booked, on average.
  3. Guests who search for pet-friendly homes on are 10% more likely to book a stay.
  4. Reservations at pet-friendly homes are, on average, over 10% longer than those at homes that aren’t pet-friendly.
  5. Guests’ spending on pet-friendly vacation rentals has increased by 20% year over year.

Earn more revenue

Allowing pets on your property means your potential customer base increases, which in turn leads to higher occupancy rates. We analyzed data points across our booking partners and found that homes allowing dogs had higher rental revenue—on average 10–20% higher—and higher occupancy than those that don’t.

And if guests don’t have to pay for someone to feed, walk, and check on their dog daily, they might instead spend a little extra on their vacation home. In 2020, we saw a 20% increase in how much guests spend on pet-friendly vacation rental reservations, compared to 2019.

Your home will stay in great condition

Worried about your rental going to the dogs, so to speak? You can rest easy: Our housekeepers are well-trained in cleaning up after pets and will keep your home sparkling clean. More importantly, we compared guest reviews of dog-friendly and non-dog-friendly Vacasa homes and found zero difference in cleanliness or property condition scores.

And of course, allowing pets doesn’t mean that your home will host dogs every night. According to our 2020 data, only 26% of total reservations at pet-friendly homes include a dog.

Boost off-season occupancy...

When it comes to slow travel seasons in your area, being pet-friendly pays. We found that occupancy rates are exceptionally high for dog-friendly homes during the off-season.

In our experience, guests book more last-minute trips in the off-season. With a small window between booking and the stay, it may be harder to find a dog sitter. And since there’s less competition for pet-friendly homes this time of year, guests are able to both book the perfect home and bring their pet.

...and peak-season occupancy, too

During seasons when market demand is high, pet-friendly homes’ calendars book up earlier than average. With such high demand for great homes that allow pets, and with so few of these homes available on the market, going pet-friendly can give you a nice boost in revenue.

bar graph showing average annual occupancy for pet-friendly vs. non-pet-friendly
line graph showing pet-friendly and non pet-friendly data

FAQ for pet-friendly homes

Vacasa collects a small fee (usually $20 per dog, per night) on dog-friendly homes. While this fee doesn't go directly to you, it goes back to your home, covering operational costs such as additional cleaning to keep your review scores high, extra customer service, pet supplies, and marketing.

Here are some of the items we recommend stocking in your vacation rental to accommodate dog owners (and their four-legged friends):

  • Stainless steel or plastic dog bowls
  • Furniture and carpet cleaner
  • Small towels to wipe muddy paws
  • Dog bed with a machine-washable cover
  • Dog waste bags

And consider attracting them with these thoughtful extras:

  • Extra leashes
  • Machine-washable chew toys
  • Recommendations for pet-friendly eateries and off-leash areas

If you're already a Vacasa homeowner, you can log in to your online account and update your home to accept dogs.

Access your owner account >

Vacasa homeowners are enrolled in vacation rental insurance through Assurant and can receive coverage for damage caused by pets or other factors. You'll pay a small nightly fee (only when your home is occupied) for this extra layer of protection. Learn more >

Guests staying at a pet-friendly Vacasa home can bring dogs specifically authorized in their reservation, including emotional support dogs. If a home isn't designated as pet-friendly, or the guest hasn't specifically added a dog to their reservation, emotional support dogs are not permitted.

Of course, we welcome bona fide service animals, as required by law. See our rental agreement for more details.

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*Data collected from reservations as of July 6, 2020. Additional occupancy data collected from Vacasa reservations as of September 15, 2020. Percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number.

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